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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Procedures In House and Take Home

Austin Family Dentist is pleased to offer several options for teeth whitening needs to families and individuals in the Austin Texas area. Dentists know how important a clean white smile means to people of all ages and backgrounds. A beautiful set of teeth can make people feel confident, smile more often, and bring more happiness to individuals.

If you’re shying away from opening up for a smile, you could be missing out on some great benefits that come with showing off your expressions to others. Those who are hiding behind yellowing teeth and don’t open up their mouth fully are hindering their self-esteem with being so conscious of their appearance. Austin Family Dentist is able to help individuals get teeth looking camera ready! A good set of chompers can help with an extra boost of confidence in not only appearance but in the workplace or among strangers.

Smiling isn’t just about a good look either, it’s also good for your body. Physiological changes occur every time someone makes a smile. When we lift up our lips to smile, our body will release endorphins. This hormone is a natural painkiller and can generate senses of euphoria. Smiling can also boost our immune system and reduce stress.

Need options to whiten your teeth? This can be done either in the house or at home with a kit. In house, whitening is done by the dental staff. The treatment can whiten teeth up to six or ten shades lighter than before. Teeth may even continue to whiten the next few days at home! For patients who prefer the privacy of their home or need more flexibility, an at-home tooth whitening kit is available. Dentist Austin, TX has several kits and products available to patients.

Teeth can age and gain bad coloring through poor hygiene, coffee, tea, and other influences. It’s never too late to brighten up a smile and begin to reap the benefits. Giving someone a bit of confidence in their step, and the courage to get beyond their closed mouth smile. Families or individuals looking for some help to get towards a whiter smile are encouraged to talk with the team at Austin Family Dentists. There’s a magic to everyone’s smile waiting behind everyone’s lips. Make sure you’re reaping the most from your life.

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