DentiMax Dental Software Introduces New Time-Saving Kiosk Patient “Self-Check-In” System.

Dental practice management software company DentiMax has released a new patient self-check-in system that allows dental practices to move closer to the industry ideal of a “paperless office” while reducing clerical errors and saving time.

The system, called DentiMax Kiosk, gives patients the ability to enter their own personal, insurance and medical history information via a computer or tablet in the reception area. The platform is completely integrated with the original DentiMax practice management software, which eliminates the need for office staff to manually enter data captured on paper forms, says DentiMax co-founder David Arnett.

“As a software company, we are always looking for ways to improve our product and make it more efficient for our customers,” says Arnett. “Historically, when a patient goes to the dentist’s office, there are numerous forms to fill out, which the office staff then has to input into their practice management system. This can be a hassle for both the patients and the staff, especially if, like me, the patients don’t have the best handwriting. By having the patients fill out the electronic version of the form through Kiosk, we’re eliminating redundancy, among numerous other benefits.”

The process, Arnett describes, starts with a tablet or computer located in the lobby of the dentist’s office. There, patients will be able to complete their patient intake, insurance, medical history and release forms in an electronic format. The dentist’s practice can either use the forms that come standard with the software, or create their own. Once the patient submits the forms, the office manager can review the forms in electronic format to ensure that they are accurate and complete before approving the information to be transferred over to the patient’s record.

According to Arnett, reduced redundancy and improved accuracy are only a few of the advantages of the DentiMax Kiosk system. “Dentists, like most professionals, are concerned with reducing the amount of paper they use in their practices, both for environmental and cost-reduction reasons. Kiosk lets our clients eliminate paper intake forms entirely, which saves money and helps them run a greener practice.” Arnett also points out that since office staff are spending less time on data entry, they are able to spend more time with clients, resulting in a better patient experience.

DentiMax Kiosk is the latest addition to the DentiMax practice management suite, which also offers billing, insurance claims, treatment planning and appointment scheduling modules, among other features. Another “paperless” feature, for the clinical part of the practice, is DentiMax’s Dream Sensor Digital X-ray System. This system uses an electronic sensor to capture an x-ray as a digital image, which can be viewed electronically either in the office or remotely. One user, Kent Stapley, D.M.D., says “I have zero regrets about the transition to digital x-rays, and I still have not seen a better system with a better value [than DentiMax].” Another user, Office Manager Joann Carr, enjoys that DentiMax allows her to communicate with her staff and organize tasks even when she is away from the office. “With the Task Manager and Office Messaging modules, it’s as if I’m right in the office. If I need to do something or I need my staff to do something, I put it on the Task Manager. If we have a question, we use the interoffice messaging. It works very well.”

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