denTEL Makes It Easier for Patients to Connect with Reliable Dentists in The U.S.

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Oral health is as important as the health of any other vital organ in the body. People usually avoid going to dentists for regular maintenance of oral health because of either fear or ignorance.

Finding a licensed dentist serving in their local area is another concern that people use to avoid visiting a dental clinic.
denTEL has come with a brilliant idea to cater to the needs of patients throughout the United States. It is a directory that continuously updates the listing of dental practices, which is cross-verified using the national database of all the dentists that have licenses to practice in the U.S.

The site also categorizes the dentists based on their specialties, areas where they serve, and their patient ratings. It also caters to the needs of the dentists as the traditional marketing techniques do not work nowadays and denTEL provides an excellent digital marketing tool for the dentists to reach out to their potential patients and develop a relationship with them based on trust and transparent policies.

Once people sign in to this directory, which is free, they do not have to make endless searches on Google for, “find a dentist near me”. A support staff on this platform said, “It has never been this easy to find a reliable dentist in any local area in the United States and we are available to answer any queries of the patient within 48 hours of the request being made.”

In these hours when people are very scared to visit dental offices due to the Covid-19 fear, this platform also provides a chance to both the dentist and their patients to connect with each other virtually. Their virtual video platform is safe and patients can openly share their concerns without the fear of information disclosure.

Patients can also request the dental clinics of their choice to schedule an in-person appointment after the treatment plan has been prepared by the dentist according to the discussions in the virtual consultation.

Apart from being able to find a dentist in their local area, patients will also be able to get the following information from this platform in the near future:

● Get educated regarding various forms of dental treatment modalities available.
● Read experiences of other patients at their chosen dental clinic.
● Get notified regarding various dental treatment offers after typing in their zip code and selecting all offers section.
● Seeking help for various forms of financing options provided by the dentists available in their locality.
● Getting educated regarding the dental insurance coverage provided by their existing insurance scheme.

All the dental practices registered with denTEL have their location verified. Reviews are also pulled from Google which gives credibility to all reviews on denTEL. denTEL will also verify the practice business information and will show a badge on all profiles that took this next level of verification.

All this is done to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction and safety. Instead of searching on Google for, “find a dentist near me,” by searching for a local dentist with denTEL, patients can have the peace of mind that their oral health is in the right hands and that they will get the best possible line of treatment from their local dentists.

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Name: Rebecca Brawley
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