Dental Surgery Virginia Launches Mobile Responsive Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Website

Dental Surgery Virginia has created an all new mobile responsive website to help people find information about oral surgeries on any device.

Pain from teeth or the jaw is more agonizing and distracting than almost any other common ache or pain, and as a result it is understandable that people would want to seek a solution to it as soon as it occurs. The problem is that all too often these pains occur while out and about, and many online resource centers do not display well on mobile screens, making information and advice difficult to get hold of. Fredericksburg Regional Oral Surgery Center ( is leading the field with a new mobile responsive design that makes its information accessible anywhere, on any screen size.

Because of the site’s responsive design (, it resizes itself and its content automatically to display in the most reader friendly way possible, making information accessible from any device. The Fredericksburg Regional Oral Surgery Center website includes extensive resources, from patient information to procedures and surgical instructions, helping people identify and manage pain, book consultations and more.

The site has been provided by the practice of Dr. Stephen C. Brown, D.D.S., who practices out of two offices in Fredericksburg and Chesterfield, VA. The site even allows patients to fill out and submit their forms online so they needn’t waste time in the waiting room.

A spokesperson for Fredericksburg Regional Oral Surgery Center explained, “The new site has been designed to streamline the patient experience and make everything as convenient and accessible as possible. Anything that could be done online now can be done online, to ensure individuals need spend the minimum time out of work when getting consultations or appointments. The website has been beautifully designed so that it is not only easy and intuitive to use and find the information patients need, but it’s actually a clean and fun experience as well. Individuals can even live chat with support staff on the site to get advice and book an appointment.”

About Fredericksburg Regional Oral Surgery Center:
Fredericksburg Regional Oral Surgery Center is the practice of Dr. Stephen C. Brown, D.D.S., who specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The doctor rose to become assistant chief of maxillofacial surgery at the Barksdale Regional Air Force Hospital during his time in the air force, before opening a private practice open to the general public, where he provides devoted and caring services.

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