Dental Implant UK London Provides New All In Four Implant Approach To Tooth Loss

Dental Implant UK is a leader in the use of the All In Four implants as a long term alternative to dentures or long term reparative surgery, with a same-day service.

Dental care is an ever more pressing concern among Britons following the growing trend to have the perfect smile as portrayed by the media and celebrities alike. Never is this anxiety stronger than in the cosmopolitan city of London, the highly internationalised global marketplace for business. Located in the heart of the City, Dental Implant UK London has been revolutionising quality dental treatment for all, and now uses the All In Four implant system to create an alternative to dentures and painful, elongated cosmetic procedures. The All In Four implant system, contrary to previous methods of tooth replacement, can be completed in just a single day.

The method can be used for those with many teeth missing or just a few or for people wanting implants for cosmetic reasons, and uses a process that has been created specifically to ensure that it can be performed quickly and effectively.

The company offer a same day implant service by using the All In Four implant, which promises to save time, pain and money for those affected by tooth loss looking to restore their smile. They provide an excellent and permanent alternative to dentures that require a fraction of the maintenance, and gives outstanding results. indicates that tooth loss can be caused by all manner of things, from gum disease to facial trauma to natural decay. However, to replace teeth with crowns has previously required a great deal of work across multiple treatments. Dental Implants UK uses the All In Four system to secure implants which requires just four dental fixings as opposed to the eight or ten required to do it the old fashioned way. This is labour saving for the dentists and of great advantage to their patients, and in this way they can receive full treatment with a same day service.

About Dental Implants UK:
Dental Implants UK is a large cosmetic dental clinic based in London, offering a wide range of treatments. Well-established in the heart of the City of London, the practice provides fast and expert treatment for those living and working in the City, and specialises in all-in-four dental implants, a revolutionary new alternative to longitudinal procedures including braces and dentures.

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