Dental Departures Makes Dental Care Affordable For Everyone

Dental Departures is an innovative company built by Paul McTaggart, the leading expert in global dental care, that aims to provide an affordable alternative for those forgoing dental care.

The economic downturn continues with little sign of abating for Americans on low to middle incomes, who now must struggle to make ends meet and have to cut back on non-essential spending. Unfortunately, many Americans believe that spending money on health and dental insurance is expendable, leading them into problems when they need procedures and cannot afford to pay for them. Disruptive innovation expert Paul McTaggart saw this problem becoming more and more common in his native Seattle, and set about creating a solution that leveraged global economy in an unusual way. The result was global dental care.

Dental Departures allows customers worldwide to find a vetted dentist who can provide them safe, quality, and affordable dental care. Ranging from cosmetic dental care to complete smile makeovers, Americans can now read reviews and view photos and video from the largest database of dentists around the globe. Whether a person wants to preview as many dentists in Mexico or is set on visiting a Thailand dental clinic the site provides all the factual information they need to book an appointment with confidence.

The site could not have come at a better time, as dental care usage in adults throughout the US is declining, while an increase in emergency room visits owing to preventable dental conditions is increasing. Paul McTaggart is now considered one of the leading experts in the new emergence of global dentistry and Dental Departures provides an accessible gateway for the average working American to take advantage of this affordable dentistry.

A spokesperson for Dental Departures explains, “What Paul McTaggart has achieved here is a herculean feat. His ever expanding network of dental professionals throughout the world has given Americans even more confidence and accessibility to needed dental procedures. Without this service, many would have to avoid needed dental procedures, whether cosmetic or medical. The stratospheric costs of dentistry in many countries is unfortunate, but Dental Departures opens the door to receive preventative and restorative dental care while saving their hard earned dollars. Global dental care is a necessity for many people and this number continues to grow as they find out traveling to another country to see a dentist is an effective, quality alternative to visiting their dentist at home. If Dental Departures continues to help people maintain their dental health and smile while saving people vast sums of money we will have achieved our objective.”

About Dental Departures:
Dental Departures understands that dental care is expensive, and that patients can receive quality dental care at a fraction of the cost by traveling overseas. To achieve this goal Dental Departures is building the largest global dental marketplace: to bring customers together with high quality global dental providers. Dental Departures is leveraging disruptive ideas and technology to create real value for customers.

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