Denim Experts Unveil A New Denim Guide For Girls and Guys

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One of Australia's top fashion brands has created a new lookbook totally devoted to denim. It aims to educate customers on the different denim jean options available.

Shopping for denim jeans has long been a challenge for most people. Various styles present themselves, making it difficult to understand the sizing options and which styles suit different body types. Jay Jays is an Australian brand with expert knowledge of the denim world. The company has recently come up with a new lookbook that gives a clear overview of the different denim options available. It's geared towards both men and women, displaying various denim jean options and stating how they differ.

The Denim Guide For Women
Jay Jay's lookbook presents a denim guide for women that's easy to process. Effectively, it displays all the different jean styles available on the website. Alongside each category and product picture, Jay Jays have given additional information. This includes notes on the height of the jeans, the skinniness of the leg, the stretchiness of the denim, and the ankle-length. Other elements are also noted - such as button details - providing people with a clear overview of each denim option.

The idea is a simple one: women can view all of these styles and choose one that they like the look of the most. It makes the buying process a lot easier as every option is displayed, along with the key differences.

The Denim Guide For Men
The lookbook also includes a section dedicated to men's denim jean options. Again, a similar set up is seen, with different options presented and the details outlined. It's a way for men to identify which jeans suit them best, based on all the features detailed on the side.

By creating a denim guide for men and women, Jay Jays hope to empower people to make better purchasing decisions. The theory is that it makes it easier for people to decide which denim options will suit them better than others. What's more, users can then shop the entire collection depending on which style they like the look of. At the click of a button, they are taken to product pages listing all the jeans within a specific style collection, showing different colour options to choose from.

About Jay Jays
Jay Jays began as a small denim warehouse back in the early 1990s. Over the years, the brand has developed into a much larger business, establishing itself with over 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand. New products are constantly in development for both men and women, with inspirations largely taken from youth culture, streetwear, and modern fashion trends. Jay Jays are denim specialists, staying true to its roots and developing a series of denim products all-year-round. The company is intent on creating a brand that's all about having fun and not taking life too seriously.

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