Announces That 5 2 Kuren Diet Has Big Results, a Denmark-based weight loss and health brand, has announced their commitment to the 5-2 diet and the large scale results it can achieve. By utilizing the 5 2 kuren - en kur der dur, or 5-2 diet, users are meant to reap the benefits of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle rather than a one-time weight loss goal.

Those interested in the health advantages of the diet, or who wish to loose weight are notified through the company website that there is also a book on this diet to better explain all that it entails and how it can work for each individual.

In a nut shell, the weight loss and health company describes the 5 2 kuren - en kur der dur as being 5 days of regular eating with an average intake of calories, followed by two days during which the caloric intake is reduced to 500 for females and 600 for males. Due to the low intake during the last 2 days, the diet is described as a fast and is said to help rebalance metabolism to assist in weight loss and healthy living.

The company has urged potential users of the diet to look into more information about how to lose weight here. By doing so, those who are new to the 5-2 diet will gain more access to foods that should be included, exercises that could help motivate the nutritional portion of the plan, as well as important facts about fasting, caloric intake guidelines, and other interesting and unique data that are necessary for those who might want to try this kind of healthy lifestyle.

Much of the diet seems to revolve around the calculation of individual BMI or body mass index, in combination with the calculation of BMR or basic metabolic rate. Each individual's total daily energy expenditure is also an essential factor that is looked at before the diet begins, giving each user a highly customized version of what describes as being a success.

The plan promises results that range around one pound of weight loss per week for women, with the outcome for males being slightly higher as they tend to lose weight more quickly. The company also describes this particular diet as an aid against poor health, offering an easy fix for obesity to those who don't wish to learn a large variety of new dishes in order to get healthy and lose weight. The book supplied by provides tips and tricks on how to make it through the low caloric days in between normal eating, which is said to keep users motivated and on track throughout this diet. Currently the book retails for 97,00 DKK, with more information on the diet and its benefits offered through the company blog.

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