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Den Pha LED HALEDCO tells about LED headlights and their features.

The existing outdoor lighting system is popular with two critical lines of lights. First, it is LED street light as well as an LED headlight. The top outdoor LED headlight in Den Pha LED HALEDCO is one of today's unique outdoor space lightings. It comes with advanced LED technology, long lighting life, saving power consumption and lighting safety. Second, LED headlights are available in a wide range of designs. In these, the company has applied exclusive TCPPlus 5s, Graphene heat dissipation technology, helping to keep up the lamp's lighting life at the threshold of 65,000 hours of lighting. In addition, consumers will make the most of the following incentives by investing in outdoor LED headlights: commitment to quality, 24 months warranty, shipping support, and free installation consultation.

LED headlights are formed using super bright LED chips with high luminous intensity. The lights are made as per the IP66 or IP67, or IP68 standards. Engineers design them to meet the standards of waterproofing for outdoor lighting. People use LED headlights for civil lighting, industrial lighting, street lighting, etc. They can utilize LED headlights both indoors and outdoors. The structure of the LED headlight in Den Pha LED HALEDCO comprises the following parts such as SMS/COB LED chip, Done/Meanwell LED source, lamp face tempered glass, bracket lamps, fasten screws, reflector and Lightbar. The SMD or COB LED chips used are from leading brands like Philips, Cree... with a lighting efficiency of around 130 lm/w. The lamp saves approximately 85% of electricity consumption. It is designed to match European quality standards. The light does not have mercury, relatively safe for the user as well as the lighting environment. Outdoor LED headlights have a plethora of capacities such as 10w, 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w, 200w, 250w, 300w, 400w, 500w..., thus meeting the lighting needs of several different areas.

Den Pha LED HALEDCO has tested the products for quality of light before launching in the lighting market. The yellow light of LED headlights can brighten up signs, billboards, and lettering boards. These lights get Installed on a pole facing the
signboard to be well-lit. Now, headlights are often selected to illuminate sea travel, fishing boats, and islands in the evening. In addition, there are many lines of high beam headlights to brighten up lighthouses. People install these lights at the building foot to reflect the light above, spotlighting the tall buildings in the evening. Also, they install outdoor led headlights to brighten up the hall, campus, stadium, amusement park, and home garden.
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About the Company: With over ten years of experience in LED lighting, Den Pha LED HALEDCO has applied 2780 large and small projects. Also, the company has got ISO certification for exceptional lamp quality. The company is committed to bringing the affordable outdoor LED headlight price list today.

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