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Den LED op tran HALEDCO explains its product LED ceiling light and its applications.

LED ceiling lights are made to be luxurious, sophisticated, and modern. With indirect lighting technology, anti-glare and light emits soft. The highly optimal energy saving ability, decreasing costs for investors. HALEDCO has excellent quality lamps at a 45% discount. The LED ceiling light is among the most commonly utilized indoor lighting models today. The lamp uses an LED chip to light and is mounted right onto the ceiling surface. The design is sophisticated and modern with two key designs: round and square.

LED ceiling lights have ideally replaced traditional lights. Various power lines of LED ceiling lights: 12w LED ceiling light, 6w LED ceiling light, 18w LED ceiling light, 24w LED ceiling light, 36w LED ceiling light. The HALEDCO line of bright LED ceiling lights provides lighting to match with any interior space. The ceiling-mounted LED bulbs have a tremendous long-life span, working for more than 65,000 hours of illumination. Thanks to the utilization of LED chips, Cree, Nichia, and Bridgelux. These types of lights use high-quality materials, secured for individuals and friendly with the environment. They can save 80% of electricity. With the power supply and chip circuitry, the microprocessor is equipped with the protective box of the lamp body. Especially, users can instal LED ceiling light with IP54 standard in the bathroom as well as the environment with low humidity.

LED ceiling bulbs have excellent light colours, closest to natural light. The light is flawless, glowing evenly in the entire lighting space. The light emanated from the LED source also ensures the viewer's safety as it does not have UV rays, mercury or lead. Products meet European standards of RoHS standards and are eco-friendly. When it comes to the application of LED ceiling lights, they are ideal for home interior installation such as balcony, living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, and hallway. The ceiling light is best-suitable that can be installed easily on any ceiling. Natural colours, true light, the sophisticated design brings a modern look to the home space. Not just home, these lights are also quite popular to light meeting rooms, offices, and exhibition halls. The light that does not cause eye strain, eye aches, and accurate colour reflection are the advantages that make this lamp suitable for lighting in the office. The LED ceiling light is also used for lighting up schools, shopping malls, hospitals. With such vast areas, people generally use large capacities such as 18w, 24w or 36w. Also, you can utilize sensor ceiling lights in the basement of the commercial centre and hospital corridors to save energy. Also, you can use this light to illuminate villas, motels, hotels, showrooms, etc.
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About the Company: HALEDCO is the leading manufacturer of highly advanced led lights available in different forms and capacities.

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