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Den LED day HALEDCO explains LED Strip Light and its usability.

Whether it is about cabinet lighting, TV backlighting, cove lighting or any other attractive lighting, LED strip lights can be creatively utilized to impart a different lighting effect to any place. At HALEDCO, the consumer can get a wide range of these lights available at a cost-effective range. The LED strip light is a form of LED light designed using many small LED chips combined on a flexible circuit board to make a long wire. The surface of the jute LED is secured by efficiently water-resistant silicone.

HALEDCO's LED strip light has multiple outstanding benefits that every consumer can be surprised to know. First, HALEDCO 's decorative LED strip lights have several options for users with monochromatic lighting. Single light colour options are blue, purple, red, yellow, or continuous colour change. HALEDCO has IP65 for outdoor use, IP40 LED wire indoors, and IP68 ultra-bright LED strip lights for underwater use when it comes to the design standards. The best point about HALEDCO's LED light is that it has a flexible design for easy installation. The light body is around 5 meters long with LED chips made of pure silicon housing. The lamp is adjustable and can work efficiently above 50 degrees celsius. Users can freely flex the LED strip lights to form shapes or wrap around objects as per their preferences.

The light has a chip with the structure of SMD 5050 or 2835 LED chips of popular brands such as Bridgelux Nichia that assure high durability. It has huge luminescence efficiency for standard display light colours and uniform illumination. The ability to steadily and flexibly colour transitions forms 18 shimmering and magical light effects. They are energy-saving for users due to their low power output. The Indoor decorative LED strip lights (220V LED strip lights) are utilized for the living room or bedroom. The outdoor LED strip lights: highlight the building walls, adorn trees, decorate for outdoor parties. And 12V LED strip lights are used to form LED strip lights for swimming pools, aquariums, underwater artworks.

People use these lights in many ways. They are commonly used for wrapping or hanging from trees to make impressive accents. This is easy to install and bring a high light effect. One can use it for a tree decoration in front of a storefront, house, or park. With outdoor decorative lights, LED strip lights are pretty famous for lighting buildings. Install lights on the edges of walls, borders around the house frame to form a shimmering effect. People also use them for ceiling projection, such as plaster ceiling, kitchen cabinets, bedroom decoration, etc. It features small size, simple installation, convenience while installation with small spaces.
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About the Company: HALEDCO is the manufacturer of LED strip light that is available in different varieties.

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