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Den LED chong chay no HALEDCO tells about its product explosion-proof LED lights.

HALEDCO is a renowned platform that has a wide array of high-quality explosion proof LED lights. These are specifically designed and produced to meet the ATEX standards. The lamp can light expressly for the projects that have to be anti-explosion. Especially in quarrying zones, mines, oil exploitation, and exploitation, heavy metal fabrication zones, strict technical needs, lamps have to be good fire and explosion resistance. Explosion-proof LED light to utilize genuine LED chips Philips, Cree, Osram, Nichia, Bridgelux etc., that assures outstanding lighting quality and long life. The shell of the light is formed with the help of a durable steel alloy, which is highly resistant to corrosion and impact.

Many people out there still do not know much about this product. Well, explosion proof LED light by HALEDCO is manufactured carefully. Explosion-proof LEDs are specialized lighting equipment designed with IEC. The lamp is made of a powder-coated steel alloy material with a considerable bearing capacity and heat resistance. When it comes to the advantages, besides the chip, there is a light-focused tempered lens that is resilient to impact and tremendous pressure. The front lamp has a radiator wing with a well-ventilated for excellent heat dissipation. The lamp's body is made of monolithic aluminium alloy, sprayed with electrostatic paint to avoid the lightning impulse to ensure it meets ATEX explosion-proof standards. The power supply unit is founded in a different protective box, separate from the radiator, so it is durable. When it comes to capacity, these anti-explosion lamps possess several various capabilities to browse. Based on the area to be lit and the financial ability, consumers can select the suitable capacity. Before purchasing any product, the consumer always looks for its life expectancy. In the case of explosion-proof LED light, lifespan reaches 65,000 hours of nonstop lighting, less luminous flux attenuation speed. Therefore, users will save money on lamp repair as well as replacement costs. HALEDCO LED lights to match the IEX, ATEX standards for explosion protection, guaranteeing safety in environments susceptible to fire and explosion.

Although there are different emerging brands out there selling the same lights at cheap rates and compromising with the quality, for a better shopping experience, it is advisable to choose explosion-proof LED lights at HALEDCO. The company brings genuine products with a 24-month warranty to let you feel secure while using the lamp. HALEDCO explosion-proof LED lights come with a complete range of capacities from small to very large. Match the criteria for use in spaces with great hot or cold temperatures. The manufacturing process is strictly controlled at the factory, guaranteeing IP66. For every construction project, the company is always ready to give samples for investors for reference.
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About the Company: HALEDCO is a renowned platform to shop for high-quality and advanced technology explosion-proof LED lights.

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