Deliq Finance Announces the Successful Completion of Its $2.1M Seed, Private Funding Round.

Deliq is a decentralised liquidity provisioning protocol that's revolutionising the traditional capital inefficient ways of bootstrapping liquidity with it's novel Liquidity-by-Staking model.

Deliq Finance, a Avalanche based decentralized, transparent liquidity provisioning protocol powered by blockchain technology, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its $2.1M raise in it’s private rounds.

Deliq is built on Avalanche blockchain so as to enable a fast, scalable, decentralized and low gas fee EVM compatible blockchain. Spearheaded by Sahil Jain, CEO of Deliq Finance, the liquidity infrastructure layer comprises a team with extensive background in crypto and finance.

“Liquidity Mining was a major milestone in the history of DeFi, it kick started the DeFi summer. But it is the most inefficient way to bootstrap liquidity that promotes seller dumping. Liquidity outsourcing and Protocol owned Liquidity are the major breakthroughs that will play an important role in shaping the decentralised future.This round of investment validates our belief and we are excited to receive the trust and backing of many experienced blockchain investors” said Deliq CEO & Co-Founder Sahil Jain.

A New DeFi Protocol

Deliq is a decentralised liquidity provisioning protocol that's revolutionising the traditional capital inefficient ways of bootstrapping liquidity with it's novel Liquidity-by-Staking model. It aims to create a liquidity layer that facilitates easy liquidity bootstrapping for latest DeFi protocols and enables single sided deposits for liquidity providers.

By providing single-sided liquidity to Deliq liquidity pools (DLPs), Liquidity Providers (LPs) can earn yields. Liquidity in the pools is aggregated before deploying on exchanges. Liquidity Directors (LDs) such as market makers, DAOs and VCs, can stake $DLQ to direct liquidity from DLPs to different exchanges on Avalanche like Trader Joe and Pangolin, while diversifying their treasury and generating a new revenue stream for the protocol.

Through staking and directing, Deliq provides a liquidity layer to supply seamless liquidity to the protocols in a transparent manner, without adding more selling pressure on tokens. Protocols can attract and bootstrap liquidity for the long term and own their liquidity.

Deliq Token – $DLQ

$DLQ is the native token of Deliq Finance that serves as a tokenized form of liquidity, it is much more than a governance token. The total supply of DLQ is 100 million and is minted in a phased manner with decreasing inflationary pressure.

$DLQ token can be staked by token holders to direct liquidity and earn high APY.Furthermore, liquidity providers and liquidity directors are rewarded in DLQ in batches for their participation in supplying liquidity to the ecosystem.


More than 20 VCs and ecosystem stakeholders were involved in the private rounds, a number that speaks to the breadth of interest in DeFi on Avalanche ecosystem. Firms around the world like Shima Capital, LD capital, Polkastarter, HOTDAO (Hotbit exchange), Bixin Ventures, Ghaf Capital, Colony Labs, 7 o'clock capital, Extra watts, DCI capital, Greenhorns, ZBS capital, Gains associates, Damo Labs, Avstar Capital, GTA ventures, VRM ventures were some early contributors.
Some major Partners/Influencers like Cryptodiffer, Top7, Cryptofomo also participated in the private round.

Upcoming IDO Announcement

Deliq Finance recently announced it's DLQ token Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) on Polkastarter– fully decentralized protocol for launching new ideas. The IDO is set to go live in March, and allowlist details will be updated in the official community. Public will be able to whitelist themselves to take part in the IDO. Deliq Finance plans to use the funds generated in the IDO to seed liquidity into Deliq Liquidity Pools (DLPs).

About Deliq Finance

Deliq is a decentralised liquidity layer to supply seamless liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem. At its core, Deliq is a liquidity engine to efficiently supply liquidity to exchanges to reduce the friction of users by reducing slippage. Deliq uses a unique Liquidity-by-Staking mechanism to aggregate in a transparent way and direct liquidity in a decentralised manner.

Protocols will be able to access cost efficient and deep liquidity by acting as a liquidity director of the protocol. Deliq will enable Protocol- owned-Liquidity on Avalanche to provide sustainable and long term liquidity to crypto space.

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Organization: Deliq Finance
Address: Deliq Technologies, Singapore

Release ID: 89066892