Delaware HVAC Contractors Partner Up In Light Of Increased Need For Furnace Repairs

The HVAC Pros rise to face record breaking cold by putting more trucks on the road.

Reports indicate areas of the Northeastern United States are experiencing the coldest temperatures and highest snowfall amounts documented in more than 100 years. Having caught countless residents unprepared, this record breaking winter weather is placing increased strain on heating systems throughout the region. The resulting rash of system failures has area HVAC companies scrambling to keep up with service calls. In light of this increased demand, has arranged for another local HVAC contractor, Enhanced Heating and Air, to answer "no heat" calls and meet the growing needs of those affected.

Spokesperson Bill Runnl affirmed, "Heating systems never break at an opportune time; if they did, everyone would be completely prepared, and there would be no need for emergency service. This is simply not the case, so we offer Delaware Heating and Air technicians skilled in repairing and installing all types of systems in all residential environments, and we have 24 hour repair service available every day of the week. Since combining the efforts with other contractors, we now have an even greater capacity to meet the needs of area residents."

Customers may want to check a few smaller aspects to ensure the furnace is truly malfunctioning before calling a Delaware HVAC company for repairs. If the furnace seems to be working as it should but suddenly shuts down, it may be a simple matter of a built-in safety feature. Some systems shut down due to overheating, which can be resolved by allowing the unit to cool for approximately an hour before pressing the reset button. In some cases, the issue may lie in a tripped circuit breaker, which can also be reset to restore power to the system.

Runnl noted while these actions may resolve an immediate problem, tripping a circuit breaker or overheating are usually indicative of a more serious issue. Professionals should still be called for inspection and repairs because allowing a system to remain unchecked could lead to more extensive damage and more costly repairs. Having small malfunctions promptly repaired can thwart emergencies as well as the need for untimely and expensive system replacements.

"Having routine inspections and maintenance performed during the off season, before the need for heating arises, can save customers a great deal of money and misery," concluded Runnl, "because catching potential malfunctions early prevents failures when the system is under extreme stress. Despite the best efforts of homeowners to maintain their furnace, though, emergencies still present themselves. Our Newark HVAC specialists are available any time of the day or night for such issues."

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