Defining Media releases their list of Top 15 Entrepreneurs Of 2020

Defining Media has recently published their annual list of top 15 entrepreneurs. This list comprises the names businesses personalities who have changed way of doing business with their ideas and out of the box thinking.

Defining Media has published the names 15 entrepreneurs who have made it to their top entrepreneur list for the year 2020. The company released this list to spread information about this personnel who have redefined the way of doing business with their innovation and unique thinking.

The first person to appear on this list is Brandon Levy. He is a social activist and a social media entrepreneur who founded Human Justice Project. His venture is the perfectly exemplifies the usefulness and reach of social media. His organisation is working hard to educate people against social inaction.

Next person on this list is Anthony Shnayderman. His business is associated with the field of event organisation and promotion. He is one of the most renowned concierges, capable of handling any event. Via his app Macey, Anthony is planning revolutionised the business of luxury rentals. His idea is to eliminate the middle man and establish an owner-to-client connection.

Max Solomon, the next person on this list, is a well-established social media influencer. He started his journey by posting his designs on his Instagram handle. Over the years he has built a reputation and recently he sold one of his social media accounts with 400,000 followers.

Moe Ghani is a famous financial and technological entrepreneur. Upon realising the changes, which can fundamentally change the finance industry, he dropped from college and established Affinity Beyond Capital. This venture capital firm is known for its efficiency compared to other credit providers. Moreover, they are developing a platform for better trading of stocks.

Brandon Mimms is a renowned social media and digital marketing experts. His journey started with experiments on Twitter, where he realises the content promotion pattern. Using this pattern, he garnered a massive following in a short time. Nowadays, he has contracts with corporations to manage their social media pages.

The business of Adam Nessim is a little different. Apart from being a medical student, he is also a medical mentorship entrepreneur. During his admission, Adam recognised the lack of relevant and accurate advising for medical students. After that, he started helping an aspiring student to achieve their goals.

Apollo Fresh & 18 GHOST are songwriter and music producer, respectively. They are applying their business ideas to promote their music. Apollo Fresh started his career in 2013, and 18 Ghost began in 2017. Over the years they have created some chart-topping hits.

Matt Shumer is an entrepreneur who is currently working in the virtual reality space. He is using this technology to help medical professional and enhancing medical treatment facilities. Moreover, his journey started with an online sneaker store followed by a tennis racket company.

Makis Savvidis is another social media influencer on this list. Like many others, he started his journey by selling products online. However, soon he realised the true potential of social media and became an expert in gaining follower for various pages. Today, he is a digital marketing entrepreneur.

Ahmad Harb’s journey started with making videos on YouTube. Once his channel gained popularity, big brands started backing him. Over a short period, his popularity grew manifolds. Nowadays, he is a successful social media marketing consultant. His company is helping medical professional to attract more patients by using social media.

Mike Kanevsky is a marketing and event promoter. After completing his graduation, he started promoting various events alongside his regular job. Once his side business scaled, he left his job and invested his time in developing this. Today, Mike’s company organises college events around the country.

Klein Linton is one of the biggest social media influencers nowadays. His ride started with an interest to learn the algorithm behind Instagram’s content ranking. Mastering this technique gave him the tool to grow accounts on this platform from scratch to millions of followers in a short time. Nowadays he is a successful influencer and a businessman.

Sam Lister is a very different social media entrepreneur. He specialises in making videos for brands and promoting them on various video streaming platforms. Even though his business started locally with contracts from local business, today he is a renowned name in this industry, all over the country.

Jeffrey Radimiri is a social media entertainer and a desert specialist. He began his journey from Vine, and when it shut down, he moved to other social media platforms. Using his popularity, Jeffery has built a well-known dessert brand, which has some celebrities in its clientele.

The last person on this list is Sammy Cavallaro. He was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare genetic disorder. However, it did not manage to stop him. Today Sammy is a successful social media influencer and businessman.

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