Defimec tokenization ecosystem turns real assets into investment instruments

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Standing out with their aspects such as increasing liquidity in the global economy, transparency, and expanding portfolios of investors, tokenization applications increase the efficiency in investment processes.

Blockchain technologies continue to revolutionize financial services and investment instruments. Thanks to "tokenization", which is the process of rendering an economic asset investable by dividing it into pieces in the blockchain, illiquid physical and big economic assets can also be included in the financial system by giving everyone access to these assets. Tokenization is considered to have a significant potential for global economy. According to the report published by ReportLinker, the volume of global tokenization market is expected to reach 3.6 billion dollars by 2026.

Özcan Aytaç, Founding Partner and CEO of Defimec, said, “Tokenization contributes to the inclusion of illiquid assets in the global economy. For example, a real estate asset with a value of 100 million dollars is tokenized, and then divided into 100 million equal pieces which are contained in the blockchain. These pieces are included in the financial system as liquid assets, and opened to investment. In this way, investments can be made anywhere in the world for even 0.1% of a real estate asset.”

“These investments can be liquidated 24/7 in Deximec, Defimec's decentralized, multi-chain exchange platform. As Defimec, an ecosystem of tokenization platforms, we also develop platforms for the tokenization of the sports sector, influencers and entrepreneurship ecosystem.” Aytaç added.

Investments are democratized with tokenization!
Highlighting the advantages of tokenization technology, which were emphasized by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as transparency, elimination of geographical borders, costs, and assets being open to investment 24/7, Özcan Aytaç added, "Tokenization system also plays a critical role in the democratization of investment processes. Studies conducted by many global consultancy companies around the world, point out the potential of tokenization system in terms of transforming sectors, and providing opportunities for financial services. The system makes it possible to sell assets via tokens by dividing them into digital pieces, and this widens the investor base. Thus, individual investors are also able to diversify their portfolios with new assets, to which they would not have access otherwise. Defimec provides 8 independent tokenization platforms and 1 decentralized exchange platform. In Defimec, liquidation of assets is carried out via Deximec, a multi-chain, decentralized exchange platform."

Defimec promises a new financial trade system!
Özcan Aytaç, Founding Partner and CEO of Defimec, mentioned that tokenization applications are carried out in the ecosystem that was developed on the basis of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) protocols, which can operate without any central authority. He said that tokenization, which can be applied to each and every asset with a value in a wide range of areas from patents to copyright, artworks to real assets, entrepreneurial ideas to immovables and precious metals to sportspersons, is defined as "the future of economy" by the World Economic Forum.

Özcan Aytaç concluded his words with the following: "We aim to transfer the values of hard assets in the sports world to the digital environment with our first product named Sportimec very soon. Fanimec and Startimec will follow Sportimec. Fanimec makes tokenization of celebrities and influencers possible, and Startimec makes it possible to have the future's unicorns today. Incorporating the multi-chain, decentralized exchange platform Deximec and cryptocurrency IMECCoin in its ecosystem, Defimec will continue to take steps towards liberating investment.”

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Name: Özcan Aytaç
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