Defeat Stretch Marks Pro Publishes Statistics on the Frequency of Stretch Marks

Individuals find they have a number of products designed to help prevent and remove these unsightly blemishes, reports

My Virtual Medical Centre reports 50 to 90 percent of the population suffers from stretch marks, depending in part on the age and race of the population studied. Stretch marks often appear during pregnancy, yet there are numerous causes for these marks, including weight gain, stress, medication use, and the presence of certain medical conditions. Individuals looking to remove these unsightly blemishes find Defeat Stretch Marks Pro to be of great help.

"Some individuals opt to remove stretch marks using only home remedies, yet find this process can be very lengthy. Many believe the juice of potatoes will help to remove these marks, as the juice contains vitamins and minerals which help to restore skin cells. Others turn to raw white sugar, mixing it with citrus juice or olive oil, to eliminate the blemishes. Home remedies tend to cost very little, yet can take an extended period of time to diminish the appearance of stretch marks," Cynthia Baby, spokesperson for Defeat Stretch Marks Pro, explains.

Those who wish to diminish the appearance of stretch marks quickly frequently turn to Trilastin ( for help. Trilastin comes in three forms: Body Contour System 2, Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention, and SR + Accelerator. Consumers appreciate being able to select the product which best meets their needs, based on the severity of the stretch marks seen. In addition to removing stretch marks, these products work on cellulite.

Baby recommends consumers evaluate the problems they have experienced before selecting a product. Many state Trilastin SR + Accelerator works best on stretch marks while Trilastin Body Contour System 2 reduces the appearance of cellulite. For those who wish to prevent stretch marks before they occur, most declare Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention to be the product to buy. Often, this product is used in conjunction with Trilastin Maternity Body Hydrating Wash, yet each customer makes their own decision as to which products they need.

Others choose to make use of Bio Oil (, a product also designed to reduce the appearance of or eliminate stretch marks along with acne scars. Individuals choose between three product sizes, based on their unique needs, and may elect to sign up for automatic delivery to ensure they never run out of the product. The product has also been found to be effective in maintaining elasticity of scar tissue on high mobility areas, such as joints.

"Individuals who have used this product say it lives up to its claims. Scarred areas appear softer and smoother and the scar begins to blend in with the normal skin tone. Some express concern about the aroma of products of this type, yet the smell is very pleasant. Consider this and all products offered through Defeat Stretch Marks Pro before selecting a product to use. Doing so saves both time and frustration on the part of the consumer," Baby states.

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