Deepak Chopra, gives nod to Vito Glazers about influencer marketing, and will be featured in upcoming series on Showtime

Influencer Marketer, Vito Glazers, receives affirming confirmation from Deepak Chopra about upcoming Showtime series and how influencer marketing is the future.

(Who's Hot Spotlight/Correspondent News) True Love Story is a television show being produced for Showtime by Australian television celebrity, Serena DC. The show stars Deepak Chopra, Bobby Brown, Ice T, and other celebrities.

Vito Glazers focuses on helping brands partner with influencers to share stories with the audiences they bring the most value to.

Glazers’ Firm, Celebrity Shoutouts, was approached by Serena DC in regards to the upcoming television show, giving him the opportunity to interview Chopra.

As Glazers explained, he got to be part of an experiment that showed him first-hand how the power of celebrity collaborations can change lives in a positive way.

Glazers says his interview with Chopra, has changed his life as well as his mindset. Glazers noted he feels he has been blessed with a gift to help others tell their stories.

Chopra confirmed to Glazers that “passing on stories and information is definitely one of the highest purposes in life.”

Vito Glazers has received no shortage of recent attention from the media. Last year he announced he was working on the most complete biography of the controversially iconic Ron Jeremy. In April of this year, thanks to a boost from Kim Kardashian, he made headlines after gaining more than 100,000 Instagram followers in 48 hours. Just one month later met with Deepak Chopra in New York City.

Glazers' entrepreneurial projects include a high-profile publicity company, film production company, and a partnership role in the Celebrity Shoutouts agency. The agency helps connect brands with celebrities and influencers so that they can collaborate together. In addition, they offer product placements in television shows as well as movies.

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About Celebrity Shoutouts:

Celebrity Shoutouts was co-founded by Vito Glazers along with Tim Burd from AdLeaks. The company will offer product placements in television and film and will also help to connect brands with celebs and influencers. For more information, please visit

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