Decinema: Video Templates Package Helping Marketers Create Unique Videos in Short Time

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There is no doubt that video is one of the most compelling methods to help marketers engage and do online business. Videos can increase online revenues, and drive traffic to one preferred website. However, making creative videos is not an easy task.

That is the reason why Agus Sakti has launched a new product called Decinema which can help marketers create unique videos in the purpose of designing professional media for their sites. Decinema is a huge collection of brand new spectacular video templates that facilitates users to start making high-quality video instantly. Moreover, users can customize and edit these templates easily by using just Powerpoint.

The package was created to help users captive their audiences so they can generate more leads and increase their revenue. Now anybody can start making cinematic-quality instantly by using Powerpoint without buying extra complicated video editors or having any technical skill.

Click here to see Decinema package demo and review.

Let’s have a look at what users are about to get with this video template pack. Read on to find out more.

• Module I: 8 Parallax & Cinematic Templates
• Module II: 61 Comic Bubbles Storyboard
• Module III: 75 Funny Emoticons Storyboard
• Module IV: 15 Infographics Storyboard
• Module V: 18 Mockups Storyboard

By using Decinema, users are able to create high-quality videos with these value packed collection in just three simple steps. First, they need to choose the template they want to use from a huge range of spectacular video templates. The next step is to edit the timing and animation of any element to their personal liking or project needs. Once users finished editing everything, they can export their work to full high definition video file. And that is how users can create videos with Decinema in just a few minutes.

Once purchasing Decinema pack, the product allows marketers and any businesses to reap the following benefits:

• Sales Video: Marketers are now able to create high-quality sales video in just three simple steps.
• Youtube Channel Video: The product helps users grow their Youtube follower with excellent Youtube trailer video using the templates.
• Epic Branding Videos: This is how users can create epic branding video instantly without any hard work.
• CPA Marketer Video: Marketers can create different and unique offer video to attract their audience in minutes by using Decinema.
• Affiliate Review Video: Users can also create high-quality videos to complete their promotion tool.
• Upsell Video: Moreover, the pack allows users to create another epic video sales letter for their upsell offer.
• Product Creator Video: Marketers are given the ability to make their sales letter video more attractive using Decinema.
• Youtube & Facebook Ads: Now the user can force their target audience to stop scrolling and watch their awesome video.
• Awesome Family Video: In addition, users can create their family video easily and share to their whole family.

More powerful feature of Decinema pack can be found in their official site when click in here.

Users need to use Powerpoint to edit the templates. All they have to do is simply open their Powerpoint software, click and replace with their own content. Unfortunately, regarding the compatibility, Decinema will not work with keynote, the product only works with Powerpoint. Decinema is suggested to work best with Powerpoint 2013, in case users are using Office 2007 or 2010 it still works, open but some effect and layout will not function perfectly.

All in all, Decinema is a package of visual templates for Powerpoint. Within this product, users will be provided with the full templates to make various video types for their business to optimize their marketing.

Maulana Malik, an Internet marketer and co-founder of RootPixel, shared his experience of this product: “I got a chance to take a look at Decinema videos and all I can say that Decinema has the highest quality to bring result with video marketing. The quality is top notch and just like I said in so many occasions that my favorite and easiest way to create video is always by using proven high-quality templates, and Decinema meets that requirement to help you create better and more engaging video in no time.”

For more information, you could see Decinema review in detail.

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