Deceased Grandmother Sends Proof Of Life After Death

When asked by her godchild to send proof of life after death, this grandmother responded in the most remarkable way.

Perhaps the greatest mystery of all refers to the topic of life after death. It affects each and every person regardless of who they are, where they are from, or what they believe. Everyone realises they exist in mortal bodies, but nobody knows for sure what happens after they die. Quite simply there can be just two answers either A. they are just their mortal bodies and hence they return to dust at death, or B. their bodies are merely vessels to carry their 'spirits' on this Earthly voyage?

Virtually every religion suggests that each persona has a soul and this soul lives on after death. But despite numerous scientific studies nobody has ever proven this to be true. Yes there are people that recount near death experiences in exquisite detail, but these remarkable tales cannot be proven. The brain is such a incredible organ that it's impossible to say if any given near death experience is merely a figment of imagination manufactured in the realm of the sub conscious mind.

Interestingly Science and Religion agree on one point of view, even though they give it different labels. Theologians say that 'God is the cause and effect of himself. He cannot be created nor destroyed. He is evenly present in all places at all times'. Science says: 'Energy is the cause and effect of itself. It cannot be created nor destroyed. It is evenly present in all places at all times'.

In effect everything is made of energy. Put any object in this physical world under an electron microscope and it will be observed that its electrons move at incomprehensible speeds. Everything from a 'human hand' to a 'rock' is comprised of pure energy. In that context depending on a person's belief system everything is 'energy', and if 'God' is another label for 'energy' then everything is comprised of god.

When one considers the wonders of the Universe it's difficult not to arrive at the conclusion that there must be a 'divine architect' behind it all. Many of humanities greatest minds believe that the universe is infinite and has no physical boundaries. The finite minds of human beings struggle to comprehend such a concept. Its fair to say that everything in the Universe operates according to law. The Laws of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are so precise that scientists have no difficulty pinpointing when a solar eclipse will occur, when a comet billions of miles away will fly by, or even the elliptical orbits of astrological bodies. In fact everything in the Universe operates with such mathematical precision that it proves it could not have happened by chance.

Logically anyone can understand and accept everything mentioned so far in this passage, but again it does not prove that life exists after death. Is there another way to prove we are spiritual beings having a human experience? Yes there is.

Consider the story from Cork, Ireland of a god child that asked his deceased grand mother for a sign that she lives on after death. One night soon after she passed he asked her: 'Granny if you still exist please send me a sign, but only send me a sign if you are really happy'. The very next morning he went to the dishwasher to take out a tea spoon. As he lifted the tea spoon from the washer he noticed the most incredible sight. A perfect cross had formed on the back of the tea spoon. All the other ware in the dishwasher shone brilliantly, yet the one teaspoon he picked up had on it a perfectly formed cross. He instantly knew it was the sign he requested. It never happened before, and it's highly unlikely to ever happen again so what were the chances? The Law of Probability suggests given the remarkable nature of the sign, and the short time that elapsed after the request that it was highly unlikely to have been a coincidence. This point is further accentuated when you consider that over the days that followed images started to appear inside the cross that bore a striking resemblance to his deceased grandmother.

His website at has attracted a stampede of viewers eager to see the video within which he provides detailed images of the spoon and all the images of his grandmother that appeared inside the spoon. Anyone looking for physical proof of life after death, should look no further. In fact this first video is but the tip of the ice berg. He used the experience to create a FREE video series that provides stunning insights into the questions that everyone is seeking answers for. If one ever wondered how to live happier, healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling lives then they should subscribe for FREE at

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