Debate Put To Rest As Comprehensive Reviews Releases Snoring Mouthpiece Results To Media

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Whether or not snoring mouthpieces can prove effective has been clearly demonstrated by an expert commissioned by Comprehensive Reviews to review snoring mouthpiece products.

Snoring affects millions of people in America, both directly and indirectly. Those who snore suffer from a poorer quality of sleep and disrupt the sleep of those they share a bed (or even a home) with. As a result there is a premium in finding simple and affordable solutions to the issue. Snoring mouthpieces have been subject to skepticism by some, but a new review commissioned by Comprehensive Reviews has put the debate to rest, providing these mouthpieces can indeed reduce and even eliminate snoring without the need for expensive procedures or motorized oxygenated masks.

Releasing their results to the press ( the investigation concludes that while mouthpieces can be effective, much of the debate has been generated by poor quality imitation devices being sold cheaply to undercut the market and pollute the product pool with ineffective treatments.

The review does go on however to differentiate the good from the bad and the ugly, and recommends several high quality providers whose mouthpieces have proven effective in the independent trials undertaken by dental expert Ms. Carruthers, the author of the review hand-picked by Comprehensive Reviews for her knowledge of the field and her experience as a sufferer of snoring.

A spokesperson for Comprehensive Reviews explained, “While Ms. Carruthers did indeed determine that snoring mouthpieces can prove effective in the treatment of snoring, one should not ignore her warning that the wrong mouthpiece can in fact exacerbate symptoms and cause further problems for all concerned. Only by using recommended suppliers and buying authentic products from the manufacturer’s websites can individuals be safe in the knowledge that the right product will produce the right result. The bottom line however remains the same- when made right, they really work.”

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