DaVinci Money YouTube Channel Gets 250 Views A Day With Latest Video

DaVinci Money is helping people protect their assets from financial collapse, and their latest video explaining how to switch to a Gold IRA is attracting more than 250 views a day.

Retirement is something that will happen to everyone, but not everyone is preparing for it. Having a pension scheme or retirement account is one thing, but making sure that the money in that account is protected from inflation, devaluation, and economic collapse is a whole other set of considerations. DaVinci Money is a YouTube Channel that offers actionable advice and tutorials to people looking to protect their assets with a Gold IRA. They have published a new video on converting to a gold IRA, and it is now attracting more than 250 individual viewers a day.

DaVinci Money shares their expert insights in the new video, which recommends transferring a portion of a retirement fund into gold or silver, as precious metals actually increase in value over time, where traditional currency loses value. The video now has over 7,000 views, and the channel itself has just hit the 10,000 milestone.

The video recommends a 401k rollover for anyone concerned about protecting their assets, and includes a link to get a free gold investment kit, helping people to create a Gold IRA or simply invest in physical gold and silver.

A spokesperson for DaVinci Money explained, “DaVinci Money is pleased to see that the YouTube channel is growing in popularity. This sudden surge in views is no doubt due to increased interest in Gold investments from across the US. The recent election has proven tumultuous, and had a significant effect on the markets. Gold and precious metals are a perfect investment when the market becomes unstable, and represent a safe way for people to protect their assets for the future. DaVinci Money will continue to advise people of the best ways to protect their retirement funds, so interested parties can subscribe to our channel for regular updates.”

About DaVinci Money: DaVinci Money Channel has more than 10,000 video views since its launch last year. People planning or trying to secure their retirement against the next economic collapse can find actionable, independent and insightful advice through the channel, which features the latest and best advice on 401k Rollover and Gold IRA accounts. The channel is regularly updated with the best advice from across the web.

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