David Woodford Electrical Services Launches Air Conditioning Services As Summer Heats Up

Melbourne based David Woodford Electrical Services has picked the right moment to introduce a suite of air conditioning services as summer heats up throughout Australia.

Australian weather channels recently had to add another colour to the weather spectrum in order to represent the new record-breaking highs in temperature the country was experiencing. No wonder then that air conditioning units for homes and businesses are more popular than ever while at the same time under more strain than ever before. This has led to an increase in the demand for air conditioning services, and the electrical service providers at David Woodford have the expertise to provide these services at this crucial time.

In a new post on the company’s blog, they explain that professionals must be employed to install, maintain and replace Air Conditioning units to ensure they operate at the peak of efficiency and effectiveness, while summarizing the type of services they can offer to clients and why their approach goes the extra mile to make all the difference.

The company offer component, motor and blow installation services together with duct set up or maintenance to assure the best functioning units. They also offer basic and in-depth maintenance including servicing, and promise a quicker service that will extend the lifetime of the system, prevent damage and maximize safety.

A spokesperson for David Woodford Electrical Services explained, “We at David Woodford are proud to be industry leaders in electrical service provision with a team made up of the most widely skilled electricians in Australia. Air conditioning is now a necessity for more people than ever and we want to ensure that the people of Melbourne and the surrounding areas aren’t left to cook due to malfunctions brought on by faulty parts or poor servicing. Coming to us is the best way to ensure that new air conditioning units are the best available on the market and that current units run as best they can for as long as they can. Servicing units extends their lifespan and ensures costly repairs are avoided.”

About David Woodford Electrical Services:
David Woodford Electrical Services are a family owned and operated Melbourne based business that has been providing quality electrical services for many years at fantastic prices. They not only specialize in residential electrical installations and maintenance, but also work on large commercial projects. The company has enjoyed success thanks to delivering quality work at affordable prices.

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