David Peter Ehrlich Releases His New Book: World War Four and the Catholic Empire

World War Four and the Catholic Empire by author David Peter Ehrlich is a Kindle Novel about a classic tale of love and intrigue set in the war torn world of the future. The novel is one scenario of what the world could become at the beginning of the 22nd Century. The author has penned the novel based on a vivid and lucid dream which he experienced in early 2009. He narrates a tale of a world divided between East and West in the 22nd Century after many years of war and suffering and beset by a Nuclear Winter as predicted would happen by USA environmental scientists using computer simulation models of the effect of millions of tons of smoke, dust and debris being blasted into the upper atmosphere after just such a thermonuclear exchange blocking out as much as 50% of the Sun's heat and light.

The premise of the book revolves around the Fourth World War which started around the year AD 2030. In that time the world was beset with destruction caused by a thermonuclear and catastrophic Third World War that waged from (2017-2023) and which resulted in all the 196 or so nations being wiped out and the world's population decimated from 7.5 billion to a mere 600 million.

After the carnage of the Third World War the survivors had divided into 3 major global powers. The story of the novel mainly revolves around The Western Catholic Empire ruled by a Vice Cardinal and describes a schism or divide between the Cardinal, his Imperium and Army on one side and his clergy on the other, giving way to a potential civil war which would have caused the Western Empire to lose the ongoing Fourth World War against the East.

David Peter Ehrlich was born in Sydney on 6th August 1959 and has been a Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of Australia for 29 years.

Due to the theme of the novel and the depth of David Peter Ehrlich's narrative the book took 5 years to complete and spans approximately 557,700 words incorporating a vast amount of intricate detail as to ecological and environmental factors involved with the phenomenon of a 'Nuclear Winter'. In the Author's Preface of the book Ehrlich defines his work as:-

“It is just one vision of one person from one dream as to one possible scenario for a world at the brink of annihilation amongst countless other visions and possibilities of the future to come. It is not a heart-warming vision but a harrowing tale of terror, fanaticism, pathogenic psychological madness and brutal conspiratorial plots to achieve factional and individual supreme power at any cost, regardless of the ultimate consequences for mankind and the already devastated and irradiated environment in a world where technology has regressed almost to a standstill.”

The Kindle version of World War Four and the Catholic Empire is available on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/WORLD-WAR-FOUR-CATHOLIC-EMPIRE-ebook/dp/B00IIFUW9S/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1392721867&sr=1-1&keywords=world+war+four

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