Dave Wood Is Driving Empower Network Downhill Fast

Dave Wood's, founder of Empower Network, hypnotic mind control techniques took the stage for the first night at the Empower Network Freedom Event.

On January 23rd at the James L. Knight Intl. Convention Center Miami, Florida, the Freedom Event officially got underway. A crowd of only about 2,300 gathered in a below-par facility. This year's event seemed to have been put together with a very low budget and has left people wondering if the Empower Network has lost the belief of their following.

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Although some people traveled for 40 plus hours it was difficult to fill this event up to a satisfactory level. Richard Koch; author of The 80/20 Management, stated it "I couldn’t identify any longer with the companies goals. I felt like a prostitute. If you stay there and don’t believe in a company’s mission, you lose yourself. That is the greatest tragedy." Dave and Dave struggled to get attendees to the Freedom event such that they even discounted the tickets three different times reaching prices as low as $49 a piece.

Dave Wood, Founder kicked off the first night using overemphasized hypnotic techniques and talked about dreams, freedom, love and forgiveness. He mentioned "I had a dream" countless times; referring to Martin Luther King and repeatedly mentioned him “playing the Jesus card” as he repeatedly referred to the neck brace he was wearing promising an explanation, which was never given.

On the Freedom Event Program, Dave Wood, included the following message:
"Hey Empowered Entrepreneurs! Welcome to 2014, the beginning of your best year ever! Have you set your outcomes for this year? Have you created your intentions and taken the steps to follow through on them? Do you have a vision and plan of action for your success? This weekend OUR intention is to deliver a step- by-step action plan for results in your business, plus spar (spur?) a fire inside of you so powerful that you will leave this weekend with a total transformation in your life and business. Get ready not just for an event, but an experience that will be a turning Point in your life and business."

Empower offered workshops over the weekend to teach members MULTIPLE marketing techniques. Many are left wondering if that is due to the failure of their "viral blogging platform" and their out dated training products.

Empower Network; founded on October 31, 2011, is a controversial MLM/network marketing company with one of the fastest growing affiliate programs on the Internet; currently breaching more than 155,000 members. Some people say it's due to their cult like nature. During an attempt to change the infrastructure of the Internet, Empower Network launched a new viral blogging platform called Blog Beast on September 23, 2013 and failed.

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