Dating Helper Launches To Review Popular Online Dating Guide With A Personal Perspective

Newly launched website Dating Helper reviews Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box guide to dating for men from personal experience.

Sexual attraction sells. This classic credo has informed much of modern advertising, and it has done so by tapping into what science calls the ‘biological imperative’- the need to engage in the act of procreation. This need now informs a huge slice of our social lives, and dating is the set of traditions and practices that have sprung up around it. These practices and the means by which to attract and keep a potential mate, still elude a large proportion of the male population, and Vin DiCarlo’s controversial guide Pandora’s Box claims to offer surprising answers. has launched to review the book with a hands-on perspective.

The review begins by giving an overview of what is different about Vin DiCarlo’s methodology from other so-called seduction manuals. It then describes what is included in the package, which differs from much of the other literature by including video seminars and tutorials to see the techniques in practice.

The review then continues to talk about the effects the package can have on the individual, shifting the dating paradigm so a more open, improvisational strategy and away from cloying one-liners and staid gimmicks. The guide helps to classify personality types in order to inform the approach that will be most effective.

A spokesperson for explained, “The course is unique because it emphasizes identifying and exploring uniqueness as its chief selling point - Vin DiCarlo explains that it is what makes women individual that draws men to them, yet society has taught men to try and manipulate women into ideals and stereotypes. By stripping away this noxious perspective, he opens men up to a world of new behaviors and thought patterns that can hugely increase their chances at dating- our author tried it for himself and that’s why he created the site to show others what he found.”

About Dating Helper: Dating Helper is a new website dedicated to helping single men attract and date women. It features helpful articles, tips for success and reviews of popular products to help men approach and attract the women they desire. The site also provides a preview of some of the key tactics and strategies included in the book to give individuals an insight into whether it will help them.

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