Dark Spot Corrector & Melasma Treatment | How to Treat Uneven Skin Tone at Home

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<p>Melasma affects over six million American women. Learn more about how to treat melasma at home with the dark spot remover from Admire My Skin.</p> <a href="https://prreach.com/blog/dark-spot-corrector-melasma-treatment-treat-uneven-skin-tone-home/">Read more</a> <p><!-- end of .read-more --></p> <p>The post <a href="https://prreach.com/blog/dark-spot-corrector-melasma-treatment-treat-uneven-skin-tone-home/">Dark Spot Corrector & Melasma Treatment | How to Treat Uneven Skin Tone at Home</a> appeared first on <a href="https://prreach.com/blog">prReach Blog</a>.</p>

Many people use concealers and other makeup products to correct an uneven skin tone from conditions such as melasma. But did you know you can manage melasma at home? If you have been looking for a dark spot corrector to even out your skin tone and get rid of spots and patches, this piece is for you.

What Is Melasma?

Melasma or hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that affects over six million women in the United States alone. The skin discoloration typical of the condition is the result of excessive production of melanin in the body. Some parts of the body produce more melanin than others, causing spots or patches. Causes of melasma may include:

Long hours under the sun

Birth control hormones and pills



Family history of melasma

Anti-seizure drugs


Thyroid problems

Hormonal treatments or hormonal therapy

How to Treat Melasma at Home

Lifestyle change and consistent home melasma treatment remedies bring you a step closer to your dream skin tone. Quality skincare products are as important as any diet as they work externally, while diet and exercise replenish the skin internally. A balance of both is just perfect.

Diet and Lifestyle Change

You are what you eat. The whole body is a reflection of what we eat regularly. Poor feeding habits could be doing you more than good. If you have suddenly noticed that your skin is prone to breakouts and sensitive to products you have been using before, check what you are eating.

Foods to Avoid

Unhealthy and fatty foods quickly take a toll on hormones in the body. They trigger hormonal imbalances and skin breakouts that reflect on the skin, especially around the face. Cross these inflammation-causing foods off your grocery list:


White bread

Sugary soft drinks

Fruit juices

Sugar-laden cereals

Coffee and tea


Ice cream

Load Your Cart With These Foods Instead

Fruits and vegetables contain vital vitamins such as vitamin C, essential for the skin’s vitality.

Fish — Rich in Omega-3-and-6 fatty acids known for reducing inflammation and supporting skin health.

Water — Experts recommend at least eight glasses of water spread out throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized and free of any toxic material.

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Accumulation of dead cells, dead skin, oils, and dirt results in melasma and uneven skin tone. For this reason, experts insist on regular cleaning and exfoliation at home.

Cleansing and exfoliation opens up the pores and eliminates dead skin cells, oils and any other dirt from the environment. Residues of makeup also interfere with the skin’s natural tone.

Cleanser and exfoliation creams and soaps remove buildup and gently restore the skin to its natural look.

Choosing the right cleanser is also essential. A mild cleanser does not irritate the skin causing further damage but cleanses the pores effectively.

Consult your dermatologist on which products you should use. Some contain harmful chemicals that are cancerous — patch test a product before using it, especially if you have highly sensitive skin.

Strict Skin Care Routine

While all skincare routines may give you visible results in due time, a daily routine guarantees that the effects last beyond a few months.

Wash your face every morning to remove the oils and dead skin cells that have accumulated overnight.

Before going to bed each night, cleanse your skin after removing all makeup.

Apply a dark spot corrector twice daily.

Apply a moisturizer afterward to keep your skin hydrated. As a plus, moisturizers repair damaged skin and create a barrier that keeps off bacteria and restores the skin’s natural moisture layer.

Exfoliate at least two times a week. Exfoliation eliminates dead cells that rest on the skin and its inner layers and opens up the pores, allowing the skin to produce new cells.

We highly recommend that you try the Admire My Skin’s moisturizer for acne and wrinkles, which provides much-needed hydration and a protective layer that seals in moisture inside the skin, keeping the skin supple all day long. This layer seals off the skin from excessive heat, bacteria, and other chemical agents in the environment that settle on the skin.

Get Enough Rest

Sufficient sleep allows the skin to refresh and regenerate all over again, giving you the perfect and healthy glow every morning.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise benefits the entire body, including its largest organ, the skin.

Working out consistently, coupled together with a healthy diet, reduces stress hormones in the body. You will notice that your skin’s even pigmentation will be restored.

Regular exercise has a positive effect on the blood circulatory system. Blood carries vital nutrients for your skin’s nourishment.

As the blood nourishes the skin from the inside, it also takes away toxins, radicals, and waste products that sit on the lower layers of the skin. (These are the leading causes of hyperpigmentation)

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Exposure to sunshine for long hours is detrimental. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are a leading cause of hyperpigmentation. UV rays have also been shown to cause skin cancer, fine lines and wrinkles.

Avoid spending long hours under direct sunlight with no sunscreen on.

Sunscreen lotions are readily available. Skin experts recommend using sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging effects and maintain the natural tone, and prevent hyperpigmentation.

Alternatively, there are moisturizers in the market that come with UV rays protection.

Should you need to, apply sunscreen with 30 SPF and above and apply again after about 3 hours.

When to Seek Professional Help

In severe cases of melasma, seek professional help from dermatologists and skin-care experts. Some treatment options include chemical peels and laser treatments.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel contains acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid. Once applied to the skin, the peel causes the discolored skin to peel off. Note that this should only be used where the patches and spots of melasma are evident. Glycolic acid is a common ingredient in chemical peels and is added to many face washes to help eliminate acne or skin damage caused by heat or the sun.

Laser Treatment

Another popular method is laser treatment. It is expensive but very effective in ridding the skin of hyperpigmentation. One advantage of this method is that results are evident almost immediately compared to other methods. The lasers peel away the uneven skin gently, exposing the skin cells in the lower layers. After laser treatment, the body regenerates new skin cells, resulting in fresh, healthy and beautiful skin.

Choose With Caution

Only settle for a procedure after consulting with an expert. Some methods are costly and may have serious side effects. Skin types also vary, so while one modality may work for some, it may not be right for you.

So, Which Is the Best Dark Spot Remover for Face?

Numerous brands purport to offer the best melasma treatment on the market. However, most contain potent chemicals that can irritate and damage your skin irreversibly. Choosing a dark spot corrector that provides visible results is a daunting task for most people.

Our skincare serum with vitamin C contains 2% hydroquinone to help brighten and fade the melasma’s dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This product can be used either once or twice every day for visible results. As a plus, it also contains a higher concentration of effective ingredients than other dark spot removers for face.

Other active ingredients that work together to brighten the skin include:

Salicylic Acid

Azelaic Acid

Lactic Acid

Grabbing a bottle of Admire My Skin’s hydroquinone serum is as easy as a few mouse clicks. Order yours today from Amazon or our website.

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