Daniel Tan: Content Marketing Dominated By SMEs

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Daniel Tan, founder of PRWire Asia, has analysed the latest reports to reveal SMEs are using content marketing to disrupt market segments long held by multinationals.

Daniel Tan has completed a broad-spectrum content marketing review, and has identified important trends occurring across the latest reports; most significantly, that SMEs are now consistently out-performing large scale national and multinational businesses in content marketing. This insight comes from combing through the latest research from several institutions and performing a detailed meta-analysis. The results have shown what marketers themselves have long thought to be true: SMEs are dominating the content marketing landscape.

Tan’s analysis reveals that there are several factors that enable SMEs to outperform large scale companies. Google’s continuing mission to preference localized results lends them a natural advantage when it comes to targeting specific markets. SMEs can be more person-centered in their messaging and exhibit a more authentic personality, and this personal touch increases engagement. Dealing with smaller audiences also allows for greater personalization of interactions on social media.

Daniel likens SMEs to jet-skis and multinationals to oil-tankers. In an increasingly immediate and responsive world, the one to get there first can attract a great deal of attention and traffic. The red tape and internal hurdles content must overcome when produced by multinationals slows them down and often sterilizes it, putting them at a disadvantage.

Daniel explained, “In the latest findings, we are seeing very positive results from content marketing as a strategy – the average business now spends 28% of its marketing budget on content and 51% will be increasing that spend in the next year. 76% plan to create more content. That’s because it’s working, and because it’s breaking up the monopoly that large scale companies have tried to establish and reinforce through more traditional advertising for decades. Content marketing could be the great equalizer for SMEs, which means exciting times ahead for the industry as a whole.”

About Daniel Tan:
Daniel Tan is the Founder of PRWire Asia, a leading content newswire. Daniel keeps constant watch over the latest trends and emerging patterns in the world of online marketing and is a regular commentator and speaker on content marketing strategies.

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