Daniel Cohen Announces Launch of New Collection ‘THIS IS ADDICTIVE’

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Artist Daniel Cohen presents an all too familiar reality about human desires in his artwork.

It is true that human beings crave a great many things. Society has upped those cravings in the last century and then again in the previous ten years. The internet makes it easy to know what it is that people are missing out on and increases their desires. Artist Daniel Cohen depicts these realities in his thought-provoking pieces of art. His latest collection This Is Addictive is yet another example of the artist’s talent for disruption.

This Is Addictive takes a close look at society’s value for material possessions and wealth by depicting chocolate bars as gold, money, and diamonds. “Three Musketeers” is turned into “One Millionaire” and shows the iconic wrapping partially open with bills sticking out of it. This particular section of the collection shows a parallel between adults and children, a craving for the sweet things in life.

In another section of the collection, Daniel Cohen depicts a periodic table – not of elements, but society’s cravings such as fast food, money, sex, and so on. The artwork is both visually striking and thought-provoking, which is a significant victory for the artist. Daniel Cohen understands that there needs to be a balance between light and dark emotions in the art, and he does an excellent job of creating that balance.

“I like to shed light on some of the truths about ourselves and some of the things that are taboo like drugs, but I also I love to make people laugh with the art that I make and to put a smile on their face as they take pictures.” - Daniel Cohen

The collection is up on his site and promises to leave a mark on the mind. Daniel Cohen is sending his message at the right time, as conversations regarding today’s fast-evolving world are due. The collection has been generating a lot of buzz on Daniel Cohen’s Instagram account @thisisaddictive and is, of course, presented on his site Danielallencohen.com.

About Daniel Cohen: Daniel Cohen is a Los Angeles-based artist who uses society’s current hot topics to inspire his art. The parallels he creates between seemingly innocent childish cravings for candy and adult fantasies about wealth and power give a lot to talk about. The artist is ever-expanding his observation skills and is always ready to create the right commentary at the right time.

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