Dan Michels, Psychotherapist, is now accepting new patients at his practice in Boulder, Colorado

Psychotherapy professional Dan Michels is now accepting new patients to his practice in Boulder, Colorado. Specializing in mindfulness-based therapy and the Hakomi method, Dan Michels welcomes new patients with a free consultation visit.

Mental Health professional Dan Michels is now accepting new patients into his practice in the Boulder, Colorado area. A psychotherapist, Dan Michels holds Bachelor’s degrees and a Masters degree from Naropa University, as well as a Master’s degree from the University of Denver. Also, a graduate of the 2-year Comprehensive Training in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, Mr. Michels specializes in the mindfulness- based Hakomi method. Dan Michels works with individuals across a wide variety of issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and sexuality. Every patient’s first session is a consultation session and it is always free.

Dan Michels uses a mindfulness-based approach rooted in the Hakomi Method. According to Mr. Michels, the Hakomi method is “a mindfulness-based, experiential form of psychotherapy.” This methodology is designed to uncover and explore the unconscious core beliefs that guide our lives without our awareness. Mr. Michels believes that through mindfulness clients can learn “how to witness thoughts, emotions, memories and bodily sensations without judgment and in a loving, compassionate presence.” The Hakomi method may be effective for a wide range of therapeutic situations including individual therapy, groups, couples and family therapy. It can effective in both long-term and short-term therapy.

In his practice, Dan Michels aims to help his clients have new experiences, gain insight into themselves and become better able to act with autonomy, power and responsibility in their lives and relationships. Mr. Michels’ professional approach to mental health is rooted in the belief that all people have intrinsic sanity, and part of his job is to help collaborate with that sanity in order to explore the various obstacles that the client faces in life. Mr. Michels believes in the expression that psychotherapy is “assisted self-discovery.”

At his Boulder practice, Dan Michels offers several specialized services to assist clients in exploring and working through issues relating to sexuality, trauma, and personal growth. Additionally, Mr. Michels is a trained teacher and facilitator of the Right Use of Power, a relational approach to both personal and professional ethics in psychotherapy. Mr. Michels is now accepting new patients into his Boulder, Colorado practice.

To learn more about his services and approach, visit Dan Michel’s website.

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Phone: (702) 378-2897
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