Dan McCrory's New Novel Puts the Spotlight on Forgiveness Amid Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis

Author Dan McCrory releases new novel titled "You Will Forever Be My Always."

Parkinson’s ravages the lives of millions each year, but it’s often the ones around them who suffer the most. Witnessing the diminishing physical capacity of someone you love as their memories deteriorate into the darkness of their own mind feels to be an unusually cruel punishment. And the truth is, that it’s not all that uncommon. We look to film and cinema, novels, and short stories to help us make sense of what this horrific illness does to the people we hold dear, and who we know we’ll eventually lose.

That’s why it’s so important for prolific and nuanced writers to take on the subject and show us all sides of what this illness does. Dan McCrory, who was published in California's Best Emerging Poets in 2020, who has authored such books as Capitalism Killed the Middle Class: 25 Ways the System Is Rigged Against You, isn’t afraid of tackling the troubling subject matter. In his new work, he’s created a world that brings complexity to illness that is frequently presented to us as simplistic and oversimplified.

Dan McCrory’s new novel, You Will Forever Be My Always, which will be released October 7, 2021, promises to give as much heart as it does heartbreak, showing that no one is the hero or villain and that it’s never too late to change.

You Will Forever Be My Always follows the main character Charlie Wise, a man who has forsaken everyone in his life, friends he’s treated poorly and a wife he has cheated on for years. When he is faced with a Parkinson’s diagnosis and convinced of his imminent death, he sets out to right his wrongs, and rewrite his story, all while trying to make sense of the dreams that may soon go unrealized.

His quest for redemption takes him to a Catholic church in Bangkok, and a Muslim funeral on a mountainside in Morocco, looking for answers about the meaning of life, and what redemption truly looks like. Charlie returns to the States a new man, with a new perception of how to live the last years of his life. He sets off to travel Texas and make amends with the people he’s hurt in his life.

The novel is sparse and raw, and it has elements that are the reader’s worst nightmare, as well as their greatest hope: that you could be given the time to apologize to the people you’ve wronged, all before it’s too late. This novel is filled with parallels to McCrory’s own life, which only deepens its meaning and brings complexity to its subject. Although this may seem like a novel without humor, the author surprises us by adding plenty of moments of humor and even silliness. The gentle jabs at all religions bring levity to a book that without those elements might be depressing. Finishing the novel leaves the reader in a state of their own catharsis, knowing that no matter the circumstances there’s nothing that self-reflection, transformation, and a little laughter can’t heal.

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