Dalgado Launches on Kickstarter

Company Partners with Funded Today

Dalgado has just launched on Kickstarter. They have brought on Funded Today to help bring their product to a wider audience and increase pledges for the duration of the campaign.

About Dalgado

Dalgado produces matching belts and sneakers with a timeless minimal design. They are made of premium leathers and are 100% sustainably handcrafted in Europe. Getting a Dalgado product is about joining a lifestyle that cherishes long-lasting quality and opposes mass-consumption.

Dalgado removed all the unnecessary stitching and detailing to emphasize the clean silhouette of the sneakers. The sneakers are made of full-grain calf leather lining, have a removable insole and a Margom rubber sole.

The unnecessary stitching is also removed from the belts to direct the focus on the lush leathers and sleek buckles. For extra durability, vegetable-tanned full-grain lining leather is used and the buckle is made of high-quality solid brass.

The belts and sneakers are made to last and come with a 2-year warranty. These come in black pebble, light grey suede, dark grey suede, blue suede, beige suede, white pebble, brown suede, green suede, and light blue suede colors.

Dalgado produces socks as well, which are composed of 75% super comfy pure Scottish Lisle Cotton, 23% polyamide, and 2% elastane. The socks come in unisize 39-45 EUR and in red, dark grey, blue, dark blue, mustard yellow, and green.

Pricing and Availability

Dalgado is available to back now on Kickstarter. They are hopeful to see an increase in pledges with the help of Funded Today and their team. Once the campaign ends, the products are set to produce and ship to all backers by December 2019. The starting price for 3 pairs of Dalgado cotton socks is $25 USD, one belt is $65 USD, and one pair of sneakers is $131 USD.

To learn more about Dalgado or to back the campaign, visit their page here.

Contact Info:
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Organization: Funded Today
Website: http://www.funded.today

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