Dakshidin Signs Letter of Intent with The Tyburn Group (Pink Sheets: DKSC)

Las Vegas, NV / April 22, 2014 / Dakshidin Corporation (Pink Sheets: DKSC) announced today that it is embarking on a series of key acquisitions as part of a new overall corporate strategy which includes a refocused and accelerated effort to significantly enhance shareholder value.

To effectively pursue this strategy of acquiring key assets (raising capital and hiring IR firms) it is necessary to increase the authorized share capital of the corporation by 150%, followed by the initiation of a (10:1) rollback of the shares of Dakshidin. This will require majority shareholder approval. The company wants to assure everyone that both the increase in shares and the rollback will affect all the shareholders pari passu (equally).

CEO J. Mark Seaton stated: “Of particular importance is, this share increase which is intended to be used to create a lot of additional value, and will give us the ability to pursue a number of additional acquisitions we have already identified, as well as any other opportunities we may come across. The company firmly believes that these transactions will have a positive impact and will allow the newly structured corporation to more easily attract investment capital.”

As a first step, the corporation has already signed a Letter of Intent to purchase selected assets, including proprietary technology, from from the Tyburn group. The Tyburn Group is a California based company in operation since 2001.

Seaton added: “We are very excited about The Tyburn Group’s proprietary payment solutions and systems for key underserved markets and emerging industries”. We believe these acquisitions align perfectly with our legacy wind business objectives and in particular the exciting synergies we have identified in humanitarian projects as well as developing industries that require both water supply and payment/economic solutions. Due to the complexity of the deal, the various stages may take a bit of time but we anticipate announcing the first exciting step in a few weeks. We will update the shareholders at the conclusion of each stage”.

Dakshidin plans to continue to seek out strategic corporate acquisitions going forward.

About The Tyburn Group

The Tyburn Group, Inc. is a leading global card management consulting group specializing in prepaid bank card products and services including:

- Global banking and card loading network relationships

- Providing its clients with turnkey prepaid card programs as well as private label card programs

Tyburn has developed and deployed a proprietary mobile transaction notification system, allowing jointly related cardholders to communicate and support money sharing with each other using their mobile phones.

The Tyburn Group’s mission is to facilitate a remittance relationship between banks/companies in the US and banks/companies abroad allowing cardholders/customers of each to be able to send remittances easily, inexpensively and in full compliance with the laws of both countries.

Tyburn’s expertise includes: developing new technologies, creative marketing to introduce a new product, focus groups and test marketing, managing the media roll out to the analysts and financial community.

Tyburn delivers global transaction solutions that are highly secure and extremely cost effective. The Tyburn Group has developed a different business model to ensure compliance with the money transfer laws of the countries in which it is doing business. The Tyburn model is a new way to target and acquire cardholders in both the sending and receiving countries.


The current plan for the Dakshidin corporate website is to have it updated after the first acquisition is complete.

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