Dai Ly Day Dien Talks About The Price Of Cadivi Electric Cable

Dai Ly Day Dien talks about the popularity of Cadivi electric cables in Vietnam.

Dai Ly Day Dien is ruling the Vietnamese market when it comes to the distribution of electrical cables, plastic pipes, electrical equipment, lighting equipment, and much more from reputable brands to Vietnam. They got popular as the electric wires wholesaler, but they provide various other services as well. A representative from the company talks about the price of cadivi electric cable. When it comes to one of the best electric cables in the market today, then the name of Cadivi electric cable will always come to mind. It is because of its features and durability, Cadivi electric cable is the first choice for people to use in the construction of houses and offices. People all around the country not only prefer these electric cables because of their high quality, but they also prefer it because of its price. Everyone wants a high-quality product at an affordable price, but this hardly happens as a good quality product is not cheap and a cheap product is not of good quality.

However, Cadivi electric cables not only comes with outstanding quality, but it also comes at an affordable price. And this is the reason why it is popular among Vietnamese people. to help customers Dai Ly Day Dien provides the cadivi electric wires quotation on their website. This will help the customer chose the best cable for their home or office.
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About the Company:
Dai Ly Day Dien is a Vietnamese company that has made the name for themselves when it comes to the distribution of electrical cables in the fields of electrical cables Vithaico, Cadivi, Cadisun, Tran Phu, Ls-Vina, Daphaco, Thinh Phat. They also distribute plastic pipes for water supply and drainage PPR, uPVC, HDPE, Binh Minh, Dong Nai De Nhat. Not only that, but Dai Ly Day Dien also distributes electrical equipment for companies like Panasonic, Schneider, Sino, etc. They distribute lighting equipment for companies like Rang Dong, Philips. They provide several products for civil and industrial projects, water supply, electricity industries, and drainage infrastructure. Dai Ly Day Dien works as a bridge between consumers and manufacturers. They believe in professionalism and provides high-quality products from reputable brands. The main aim of this company is to improve and develop according to the need of the cust0mers. They believe in customer satisfaction as to achieve this they constantly improve their supply capacity and their services.

Dai Ly Day Dien is a contractor also and that is why they construct civil and industrial electrical projects for apartments, industrial zones, export processing zone projects, factories, and much more. They have a team of young and enthusiastic professionals and their main goal is to work towards the betterment of customer service. Along with great service, they also own a warehouse, effective management, and business management capacity, a professional delivery truck fleet, etc. All of this is done to effectively and quickly meet the customer requirement.

Contact Information:
Name: Phan Duy Thanh
Organization: Dai Ly Day Dien or Thuan Thinh Phat Technology Service Trading Company Limited
Email: dailydaydienthuanthinhphat@gmail.com
Address: Street No. 5, Binh Chuan, Village Thuan An, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Phone: 0868 69 00 00

Contact Details:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/%C4%90%E1%BA%A1i-l%C3%BD-ph%C3%A2n-ph%E1%BB%91i-d%C3%A2y-c%C3%A1p-%C4%91i%E1%BB%87n-Dailydaydiencom-108131034483824/

Contact Info:
Name: Phan Duy Thanh
Email: Send Email
Organization: Dai Ly Day Dien or Thuan Thinh Phat Technology Service Trading Company Limited
Address: Street No. 5, Binh Chuan, Village Thuan An, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam Phone:t 0868 69 00 00
Phone: 0868 69 00 00
Website: https://dailydaydien.com/

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