Dai Lam Event Enlighten With The Process Involves In Organizing A Groundbreaking Ceremony

Dai Lam Event gives information about the process involves organizing a groundbreaking ceremony.

Dai Lam Event is a Vietnamese company that was established in 2004 and is since ruling the event organization industry in the country. There are only a few companies in Vietnam that work in this field, but they are sitting on the top of the rest of the companies.

Dai Lam has become a prestigious place when it comes to the groundbreaking ceremony. An employee from the company talks about the things that one should know before organizing the groundbreaking ceremony. Every work, big or small holds a groundbreaking ceremony. Firstly, to inform the god of blessing, then to educate friends, partners, and customers that the work has started construction. However, sometimes while organizing an event, any unfortunate event can happen. These unfortunate events can be issues related to weather, or if guests came early, or if there is some mishap in sound and light equipment doesn’t work as planned. This unexpected incident can lead to failure in these groundbreaking ceremonies.

He then further explains the necessary process of the groundbreaking ceremony. He says opening MC will introduce the program, and then singers and musicians will perform. Then MC will announce the reason for the groundbreaking. He/ she will then introduce delegates, distinguished guests, and guests to attend. They will conduct a groundbreaking ceremony. Then the reception will be organized to see off guests and give gifts (if any). When guests leave, their employees will clean up the equipment and clean the hall. And once the venue is cleaned, their employees will leave.

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About the Company:
This company was started when event organizing was a new thing in Vietnam. Because of this, Dai Lam Event has experienced the most difficult periods but has gradually grown up to become the leading event management company in the North. They have a team of experienced and creative professionals that will give their 100% for customer satisfaction. In their side, they have Famous MC, attractive and orderly lead, Unicorn dance team, skilled and experienced dragon dancers, Talented singers, dancers, enthusiastic performances, young and professional receptionist team, and much more. They have over ten years of experience in groundbreaking, as they have organized more than 600 successful events for small and large businesses nationwide. Customers don’t need to worry about weather conditions, MC, actors, etc. Dai Lam has a vibrant system of modern equipment. From the smallest material for each employee to the large kit for organizing an event for both large and majestic stage. The material is continuously checked, purchased, and modernized. They have a team of leading experts in the field of event organization, whose main aim is to bring the best service to the customer.
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