DA’DUDE Relaunches Best Selling Beard Oil for Men: DA’Beard Oil

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A pioneer and much-loved favourite in the men’s hair market, DA’DUDE’s innovative DA’Beard Oil is undergoing a highly anticipated relaunch in Europe.

Why the need for the relaunch?
After an extensive, thorough review of the highly competitive beard oil for men marketplace, the husband and wife team behind DA’DUDE, Gary and Angelika Young, revisited their original design to take it one step further. Despite DA’Beard Oil having one of the highest possible ratings on Amazon.co.uk, an incredible 4.7 out of 5, the talented team believed they could transform their current offering by highlighting and improve two essential aspects:

1. The bottle
2. The fragrance

The Bottle
While the current bottle of DA’Beard Oil was attractive and stood out from the crowd, the relaunch sees it transformed by using a brown bottle, which is then cased in an outer shell of bamboo. What’s more, the new bottle has an exclusive EU designed patent, meaning no other beard care oil will be presented in such an alluring way. Additionally, customers are encouraged to reuse this new bottle after it’s empty, creating a sustainable product line.

The Fragrance
Gary and Angelika understand that the scent of their products is one of the most popular aspects. That’s why the relaunch the DA’Beard Oil focuses on creating a new fragrance, which is both understated and pleasant. The relaunch welcomes a fresh fragrance of “Fig Lime.”

There’s no denying that facial hair is a big business. In fact, beards are one of the most popular styles today’s men are wearing, and this popularity does not show any signs of slowing down. The industry of male grooming, which includes the offerings of beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and styling accessories is ever-growing. Therefore, all current and emerging products to this marketplace need to make waves and do so quickly. The founders of Young Hair, Gary, and Angelika, firmly believe their new design for DA’Beard Oil will truly make its mark within the extremely crowded marketplace for facial hair care.

The relaunch of DA’Beard Oil for men is one which lovers of facial hair need to watch. Not only will the new and improved product offer the same incredible value for money as the previous product, but it will also continue to ensure beards across the country are well cared for, soft, and manageable. For the modern bearded man, there truly is no better option to boost and improve their facial hair, and for those who love the bearded men, it makes a thoughtful and practical gift for any occasion.

Gary Young, one-half of the Young Hair founders, believes:
“Having the best product in the marketplace is not enough to get great results. That is why we created a helpful video on 'How to apply beard oil for Men'”

To celebrate the relaunch of DA'Beard Oil DA'DUDE is giving away a special 10% discount coupon - DABEARDOIL which can be used their website younghair.net

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Name: Gary Young
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Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road