Dads That Cook Receives Letter of Intent from PBS for Father’s Day Pickup

Cooking show kicks off Kick-Starter Campaign Feb. 5.

PBS has recently inked a letter of intent to air the Father-oriented cooking show, Dads That Cook, beginning Father’s Day, 2014. The show is creating a Kick-Starter campaign to raise money to help finish the season.

Dads That Cook features host and comedian Jason Glover traveling the country to find dads that love to cook and share their delicious recipes. The show not only examines their amazing dishes, but also the comedic and often dramatic events that led them into the kitchen.

“This is truly something that I love,” Glover said. “None of us are professional chefs and everything we know comes from experience and learning from our own families. Each of these men has a story and they are an inspiration to us all.”

What sets Dads That Cook apart from other cooking shows is the host and guests aren’t restaurant owners or celebrity chefs. They’re regular “Joes" with amazing natural cooking skills and a talent for having fun in the process. Glover’s natural comedic timing puts his guests at ease and each segment is a wealth of knowledge and hilarity.

“I don’t want dads worried that they’re tuning into a lecture series about cooking,” Glover said. “I want them to have has as much fun watching the show as we do making it.”

There have already been ten episodes made and Glover is turning to Kick-Starter to help raise the capital for the remaining episodes.

In addition to the cooking show, is a community for dads of all cooking levels to get great recipes, learn from other dads and offer advice to those still burning toast.

“Kids love dad’s cooking, and so does mom, but there aren’t that many resources out there dedicated to them,” Glover said. “I started this as a way to create camaraderie, educate dads on the nuances of cooking and tell a few great stories along the way.”

Fro those who interested can check out Dads That Cook’s Kick-Starter campaign at beginning Feb. 5.

For more information about Dads That Cook, visit the website at and don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter: @DadsThatCook. To schedule an interview with Glover, or to find out more information about Dads That Cook, contact him at or call (415) 474-6304.

About Jason Glover and Dads That Cook:
Dads That Cook is a cooking show featuring amazing dads from across the country. Dads are taking the lead in the kitchen more than ever and the program not only showcases some of these incredible dads, but also imparts a little cooking knowledge along the way. With a unique perspective and sense of humor, host Jason Glover explores what makes these dads tick and finds out how cooking has connected them to their families even more. The audience finds out not only their own special recipes, but also which events, both good and bad, that led them to the kitchen.

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