Daddy Nutrition Publishes New Guide To Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Daddy Nutrition has discovered eight distinct ways in which apple cider vinegar can be used to promote health and wellbeing, and has published them in a new article.

Nutrition is the most important element in keeping bodies healthy and robust – the fuel people feed themselves is the single biggest factor in their longevity and wellbeing. Unfortunately, time pressured schedules and economic belt-tightening have left many people unable to afford to spend the time preparing healthy meals, instead relying on cheaply available, poor quality, high fat foods. Daddy Nutrition is a website aiming to redress the balance by helping people identify foods that are fast, cheap and healthy together with supplements that can help plug gaps in what the body needs during harder times. The website has just published a new article on cider apple vinegar.

The article ( includes no less than eight great ways to use cider apple vinegar, explaining its many benefits. The website describes the benefits it has for skin conditions and digestion, as well as more serious issues like cancer and type II diabetes.

The article is written in easy to read plain English, citing multiple sources and relating them in compelling terms, explaining the nutritional values of Acetic Acid – the key active ingredient. The article is part of an extensive series written on the website design to help people find affordable, natural ingredients that can boost their health, metabolism and more.

A spokesperson for Daddy Nutrition explained, “We are pleased to be have been able to find so many potent and varied benefits to cider apple vinegar – this is something that certainly surprised us when we began our research. Acetic acid is a potent active ingredient and something that creates a wide range of reactions in the body depending on how it is used: whether topically applied, ingested or simply gargled. The result is a versatile natural supplement that can help people overcome serious problems as well as minor ones.”

About Daddy Nutrition: Daddy Nutrition is an online resource center designed to help people get the best from their food, and live a happier, healthier life for longer thanks to targeted nutritional science. The website is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and researchers, who discover the best and most powerful nutrients available in food and supplements to keep people fighting fit.

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