Da Vinci Bio Sciences Publishes Paper On Stem Cell Therapies, The Reality of Their Use In Anti-Aging Procedures

Dr. David Woynarowski, along with Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, head of Da Vinci Bio Sciences have published a paper exploring the role Stem Cells have to play in anti-aging and cosmetic applications.

Stem Cells were first touted to be the building blocks of the human body, able to replicate the function of the cells around them, and have remained a hot topic in popular Science due to their continued use in cutting edge experiments. However, hype and misinformation has caused the public to believe miracle cures are closer than they are, and unscrupulous companies in the beauty industry take advantage of this fact. Dr. Rafael Gonzalez of Da Vinci Bio Sciences has published a new paper frankly discussing the current realities of the field.

Dr Rafael Gonzalez the head of a Southern California based stem cell research organization has teamed with noted telomere expert and anti-aging doctor and author Dave Woynarowski and stem cell pioneer Dr. Luiz Geffner to investigate the possibilities. Their initial overview entitled “Stem Cells Targeting Inflammation as Potential Anti-Aging Strategies and Therapies” is presented in the peer reviewed journal Cell & Tissue Transplantation & Therapy.

Dr Gonzalez and his team want to improve the quality of life, decrease pain and improve function in a safe and relatively non-invasive way, by using stem cells to rejuvenate aging skin and other cells, by replicating the stem cell mass conditions of a younger person in older or sicker individuals. It worked, and they have published a paper on the subject.

Their results have proved exciting for future research, helping both ill and healthy subjects to improve their vitality and appearance. They are now looking to undertake a clinical evaluation of these therapies in the common illnesses people see as they age, especially arthritis and heart and vascular illnesses, as well as other known effects of aging.

Dr Gonzalez explained, "To our knowledge, no one else has published directly on this topic, this is a first in the field. The article directly ties the biomarkers of inflammation and aging with the potential mitigation of those markers that can be decreased markedly using stem cell therapy.”

His colleague Dr. Woynarowski who lectures worldwide on the topics of telomeres, Omega 3 and stem cells has a similar outlook, "Of course we are optimistic about the effects of our treatment. It is extremely gratifying to see the results in people both sick and well. We strongly believe that the anti-aging approach we pioneered with our stem cells makes healthy people healthier by improving the degree and level of homeostasis they can achieve. We get them closer to optimal.”

About DaVinci Bio Sciences: DaVinci Bio Sciences specialize in the research and development of stem cell therapies in the modern context, responsibly pushing back the boundaries of their use and finding the limits of their effectiveness for a range of conditions. Dr. Rafael Gonzalez PhD. Is Vice President of Research and Development at DaVinci Biosciences and has published several papers on the topic of MSC’s. Dr. Dave Woynarowski is CEO of a Nutraceutical Company Dr. Dave’s Best and author of “The Immortality Edge”: (Wiley and Sons 2010). Dr. Luis Geffner is medical director of Da Vinci Bio Sciences and an early pioneer in the clinical use of stem cells.

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