Da Hinh Trading and Production Joint Stock Company Offers Pvd Plating On-Demand

Da Hinh trading and production joint stock Company is the best when it comes to choosing metal products for trading and manufacturing with all the latest technologies. It provides all the products within the promised time and with minimal complaints.

The beauty of a product after plating depends on the quality of the stainless steel for the surface is used. PVD plating Inox plating is now being used for interior as well as exterior. It gives does give a more shiny and durable look because of the double layer that is being applied by PVD plating.

PVD Inox plating is done depending on many factors that need special attention to be given. The stainless steel surface goes through a process treatment before plating. This is where product quality depends. Stainless steel surface processing gives the product surface its actual beauty and is the depending beauty factor. The entire cleaning process of the shiny stainless steel surface before being put to the furnace goes through the cleaning process.

Next comes the PVD plating process. In this process, all the key factors like wear resistance, uniform color, adhesion, hardness, and the other required factors are being put to the test. All these tests are being carried out by the experts of equipment, technology, and operation engineer.

There is a makeable difference in the quality of PVD Inox plating services provided by Da Hinh. The quality of PVD Inox plating provided by Da Hinh is assured for durability, beauty, and color. PVD Da Hinh in the North at present has the highest capacity and largest size as it ensures to meet large quantity and size demand in a short time. Swiss imported metal cutting CNC laser cutting system that is the world’s leading modern advanced technology is being practiced.

PVD Inox plated stainless steel products are much durable and have better friction and less likely to get exposed to dirt. It is the most advanced technology that is being used today, and it is very safe for users as the plating process makes it environment-friendly. The engineers that give their best are very highly skilled and are nearly 200 in numbers.

About the Company:
Da Hinh Trading and Manufacturing Company is a 20 years established company that has the best quality processing center in Hanoi and other provinces in the North. The company is specialized in trading, manufacturing, and processing metal products. CNC cutting, CNC processing, sheet metal laser cutting, Laser cutting, stainless steel processing, and many more are being done. All the techniques that are being used by the company are very modern and the latest with the best results. They are done in a very prestigious, fast, and in a bulk amount. The company works with the best quality, with advanced technology, and with the best-experienced team.

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