Cyber Sneakers Creates A Big NFT Hype With Collections Of Unique And Exclusive Pure Beauty Sneakers

Cyber Sneakers will be the new fashion studio in the Metaverse and offers unique and exclusive sneakers designs, expected to be presented in the most famous event in the world.

As the Metaverse market is constantly growing, fashion is one of the most representative segments of this virtual industry. Big brands like Nike and Adidas are showing interest in Metaverse fashion brands. Cyber Sneakers will definitely be one of them. The brand is creating a virtual fashion studio, attracting individuals with a passion for fashion. Cyber Sneakers is an exclusive and unique collection of pure beauty sneakers that has an aspiring ambition to develop a brand of multiple products both in the Metaverse and IRL.

Cyber Sneakers NFTs come with a lot of utilities for their holders. Each token is unique and gives buyers ownership of their unique sneakers design. By holding your Cyber Sneakers NFT, you will have access to an IRL private sneakers collection six months after your mint. Holding a CS NFT will give very few buyers access to a private investment club of crypto, NFTs and rare sneakers.

The development of the brand goes through an extension and a growing plan. For that, the brand plans to open a sneaker store in Metaverse Decentraland. There, generic models will be available for the entire Metaverse. Store profit will be shared among all holders.

Cyber Sneakers is founded by 2 entrepreneurs from Dubai who started collaborating with local artist Idriss B. The characteristic polygonal form of the artist's sculpture may be seen on the sneakers.

Cyber Sneakers is expected to be the future of fashion in the Metaverse.

One of the long-term goals of this project is to be present and featured at the world's most famous fashion and sports events of the world. The group plans to improve its social presence by making unique collaborations with the most famous athletes in the world.

“The team behind this project is proud of where they have grown and hope more sneakerheads will appreciate this NFTs collection,” said a spokesperson of Cyber Sneakers. “Why not have a collection of shoes both in real life and the Metaverse for you to show off to your friends.”

Interested buyers are welcome to join the discord group or follow their Twitter and Instagram for more information.

About Cyber Sneakers

Cyber Sneakers is the idea of 2 entrepreneurs from Dubai who decided to launch their sneakers NFTs project in collaboration with local artist Idriss B. It is a Web 3 sneakers and fashion community inspired by the urban fashion culture. Cyber Sneakers aims to build a strong community of peoples that want to be part of a new movement and impact the future.

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