Mastermind Strategist & High Growth Mentor To CEO's, Moe Nawaz to host a Business Session titled Evergreen Customers for Life at the Customer Loyalty and Retention Summit from 25 - 27 March, 2014 – Top speakers from BT, British Gas, Orange, Marstons, Aston Villa…. At The Kensington Close Hotel, London, United Kingdom.

As the clock ticks, the excitement builds regarding the 3-day Summit where CEO, Help Organization Ltd., Moe Nawaz will be hosting a business session on cultivating the time-tested top-notch strategies on customer retention. The Summit is set for the 25 – 27 March, 2014 and registration is still open on the summit website

Some of the top name speakers also appearing alongside Moe Nawaz are the following: Ciaran Astin the director of Direct Line UK's leading insurance company, who is responsible for the customer value. Sue Pickering head of one of UK's leading online electrical and consumer goods supplier, Sue heads the brand and customer experience for the group. Russell Jones, Katriena Adamson and Nicola Kaye all three from Aston Villa the Midland football team. Rod Grainger who is head of customer experience at Marstons. You also have heads from British Gas, BT and many more top speakers all lined up for the summit.

Moe Nawaz is an international Mastermind Strategist, Speaker and Author of several books including the bestseller Mastermind Groups (The fastest and safest way to grow your business). His breadth and depth of experience in mentoring high growth entrepreneurs and business leaders for 25 years enables him help his clients clarify their vision, achieve their goals and strengthen their mind-set to deliver the sustainable growth they need. Often compared to a corporate trouble-shooter with his business turnaround background, Moe has built a culture by melding three key strategies for sustainable business success which are; Client Attraction, Client Conversion and Client Retention with great emphasis on the customer experience journey.

Marshall Goldsmith, had this to say about Moe,

“If you are an entrepreneur or a business leader with more thanfifteen million in sales then you know your greatest asset is your mind. Your second greatest asset is the mind of the Mastermind Strategist Moe Nawaz.”

The strategies Moe shall be delivering to his audience and attendees at the business session include:

Understanding the mind-shift from customer to Client.

How to reduce marketing costs and attract more customers.

How to create a natural customer retention program.

How to create and attract Evergreen Customers for life through Customer Experience.

Moe Nawaz says in his Building Loyal Customers, For Life that he has not been able to understand why every company and marketing director is hell bent on spending fortunes on advertising and marketing to new customers only. He explains “You see it is far too easy to bring in new customers by advertising, marketing or putting more sales people on the road but what about the costs associated with that? It costs between 5 to 7 times more to acquire and sell to new customers than trying to look after your existing loyal customers and selling more to them.” He further explains “what worked for some companies yesterday is not working for them today, in fact it could even be hurting them without them knowing because You can't use the same thinking, the same people and the same systems to fix the same problem when the same people were the ones that caused it. You've got to bring in fresh thinking people and systems to stop the leakage.” At the Business Session Moe will lead you on a whole new journey of creating great customer experience that will not only attract customers but will ultimately build loyalty and customer retention for your business.

The longer you wait to address this issue, the more you will spend in the long run and the less effective you become, until it is too late. To change the trend in your business, there is only one thing you can do, register for the visit and contact Moe Nawaz at You will be glad you did!

Limited seats available and spaces are filling up fast so register now to avoid disappointments. Chance of a life time to make 2014 the best year you ever had, starting today by reserving a place at

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