Custom Swimwear Giving Sports Teams The Edge Over Competitors

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Sports teams across Australia are seeing the benefits of custom swimwear that gives them an edge over competitors.

The world of competitive sports is full of fine margins. In the swimming pool, sometimes it only takes a fraction of a second to make the difference between winning or losing. The tiniest changes can have a profound difference, particularly when it comes to swimwear.

Delfina - an Australian-based company - has been manufacturing custom swimwear for sports teams around the country. The range of performance apparel has been specifically designed by experts to help teams go that little bit further on competition day. From water polo to swimming, Delfina is looking to help teams turn the tide on their competitors and gain that extra edge that helps them become victorious.

The perfect fit
One key element of choosing the right swimwear is ensuring it fits snugly. Swimmers and water polo players can't swim around in gear that's loose. It allows too much water to enter the swimwear, weighing the wearer down and causing resistance. In a sporting capacity, this can mean losing out on a water polo duel or missing first place in a swimming meet.

With the custom swimwear from Delfina, they have used the latest and best materials to ensure a perfect fit every time. Their range of swimwear is designed to retain its shape and mould itself to the wearer's body, feeling almost like a second skin. This gives minimal resistance through the water, allowing athletes to reach peak performance.

Completely customisable
All of Delfina's swimwear is completely customisable to suit every team's desires. This means that swimmers won't just get an edge in the pool, but they'll also have an edge in the stands. Having customised training gear and leisurewear helps to create a team image that might strike fear into the opposition.

There's also a lot to be said about the camaraderie that comes from wearing the same team uniform. Everyone feels closer together when they're all wearing the same gear, and it's even better when no other team has the same stuff. From simple logos to more complex prints, swimming clubs and water polo teams across Australia can choose the ideal performance and training wear they want.

About Delfina
Delfina Sport is a custom design swimwear, custom training gear and team sports & performance apparel company. It's owned and run by a dynamic team of aquatic professionals who have competed internationally and know what it takes to create the ideal swimwear. The team brings the highest professional standards to the custom swimwear business, with quality, design and performance the hallmarks of the company. From humble beginnings, Delfina Sport has grown into a respected international business that delivers custom swimwear to teams across Australia and the world. As a relatively small company - compared to the other major sports brands in the world - Delfina is able to offer flexibility and innovation where others can't. The owners believe this is what sets them apart from the rest.

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Name: Emma H
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