Custom Extreme Sports Jerseys & Apparel Brand Does 24,000 Pushups in COVID-19

Live Epic’s custom extreme sports jerseys and apparel followers accomplished over 25,000 pushups in a virtual challenge, resulting in face mask donations to ten different first response departments and hospitals.

Die Epic, the motivational company behind personalized custom-made jerseys for adrenaline athletes and extreme sports junkies alike, has marked a significant charitable achievement via its sister brand, Live Epic. The popular custom sportswear and streetwear brand was behind a worldwide pushup contest. Supporters from around the globe recently completed over 25,000 pushups in 24 hours to help bring PPE to those on the frontline fighting COVID-19.

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Die Epic has been motivating its followers to become the best versions of themselves through its custom-made sports jerseys and motivational clothing for adrenaline athletes and extreme sports junkies alike. The popular sportswear and streetwear brand partnered with its new sister company, Live Epic, to sponsor #ProvenLegendary, a 24-hour pushup challenge to benefit COVID-19 first responders.

Initially, the #ProvenLegendary challenge asked supporters to fulfill 500 pushups in 24 hours. According to the company, its two brands wanted to give back. They decided a pushup contest would be a win-win, with a mission to help keep its tribe of adrenaline junkies and first responders healthy both mentally and physically. Live Epic reports that its pushup contest popularity exploded on social media, and results were beyond the company’s expectations, having people complete pushups in everything from skydive wingsuits to full fireman gear.

“This charity event’s sole purpose was to provide face masks to those who need them working the frontlines in this pandemic. Our existing customers and followers smashed it out of the park and truly met our company’s ‘Live Legendary’ motto. We want to thank everyone who participated and came together in a time of need for the people who are protecting us right now,” Die Epic’s CEO and founder, Daniel DiMassa, says.

45 individuals participated in the event from six countries. All took on the minimum of 500 pushups in 24 hours, says DiMassa. This resulted in enough face masks for ten different first responder departments and hospitals selected by participants. Participant Micheal Richmond won the trophy for completing the challenge in the fastest time (32 minutes), and fellow contestant Jon Budde took the most pushups record with 2,100 in 24 hours.

Die Epic has seen its popularity in the accountability and motivational, personalized apparel industry increase substantially over recent years, mainly due to its company focus on giving back and charitable initiatives. The company produces USA-printed, personalized and custom clothing that is meant to inspire, empower and innovate.

“Our company’s core mission has always been about our customers, not us,” DiMassa says. “Our followers run this company. This goes deeper than the shirts on their backs — it’s a movement that we began years ago, of epic people crushing goals, living legendary, and living a life of empowerment. We want our products to reflect that while providing as much support to good causes as we can along the way.”

Known for its original “Write a Goal tag” on many of its products, where wearers can handwrite their personal goals directly on their clothing tags, Die Epic has connected with adrenaline and extreme sports enthusiasts worldwide, establishing a substantial following. Along with a range of accessories and gear, including motivational stickers, bags and hats, its product line has expanded over the years to include custom-made skydive shirts, personalized lifestyle apparel and extreme sportswear and jerseys.

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About Us: Live Epic ® and Die Epic ® are lifestyle brands to motivate and empower the never satisfied adrenaline junkie. Different from most, they feature write-in goal spots on their products and are obsessed with serving underdogs in the action sports scene. All starting from the hashtag #DieEpic

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