Custom DJ Drops Announces Never Done Before End Of Summer Special

Custom DJ Drops is offering a 5 for $55 custom DJ drops package, including two free drops. This is just one of the special offers that are available. Every inquiry will also receive a free DJ drop just for contacting Jay Smith, the creator of Custom DJ Drops. Each package is uniquely created to reflect the needs of the customer.

Custom DJ Drops just announced that they have a fantastic end of summer special offer available right now. For the price of just $55, customers are able to receive five custom DJ drops, as well as two free. This means that customers are able to receive seven custom drops for just $55, which is a truly unbeatable offer.

“I'm a working DJ myself and at the turntable 4 nights a week,” says Jay Smith, the brains behind Custom DJ Drops. “So DJ Drops are my main production focus. You'll find my custom DJ drops are just that, custom made, all original, no pre-formed templates.”

Smith is particularly proud of the quality of his drops. He understands that when a DJ is behind the turntables, they need to be able to sound their very best. To this extent, he offers a range of products at highly competitive prices. His custom DJ drops are highly sought-after as they are each created for individual clients. Smith does not believe in creating templates, but rather he creates drops that are suitable for the individual with whom he works. As such, creating a custom DJ drop will take him up to four days, although this does depend on the size that the customer requires.

Smith ensures that his prices are always competitive, without ever compromising on quality.

“I am so sure you'll want to use Custom DJ Drops to brand your DJ mix, I will GIVE you a FREE DJ DROP”, explains Smith.

The most interesting current offer, however, is the 5 drops for $55, with two free drops on top. Each of these drops will be completely unique and original, meaning nobody will sound exactly the same. To make the offer even more interesting, he is currently running a special whereby, for a small extra fee, the drops can be received within three business hours (conditions apply). As the popularity of Custom DJ Drops grows, however, it is not clear whether this offer will continue to run, as it may become impossible to fulfill this obligation. Hence, customers are encouraged to get there now and make sure they receive their drops as soon as possible.

At present, two drop packages exist. The first is the full production with a female voice, and the second the full production with a male voice. This is made possible to ensure all recordings are unique and suitable for the specific event during which they will be used. Furthermore, Custom DJ Drops also offers a range of other packages. Besides custom DJ drops, they also offer DJ voice drops, dry voice drops, radio spots, sexy female drops, professional voice overs and even celebrity artist drops.

For further information, customers are encouraged to visit the Custom DJ Drops website, or to contact Jay Smith directly at 877-435-3767. He will be more than happy to provide any information on his products or services. Additionally, every inquiry will receive a free DJ Drop automatically.

Contact Info:
Name: Jay Smith
Phone: 877-435-3767
Organization: Custom DJ Drops

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