Current 'Social Kickstart' Release Makes Waves, As IM Consultant HanifQ Unveils Premium Bonus

The current release of the Social Kickstart software makes waves amongst emarketing Professionals, as IM consultant Hanif Quentino unveils 'business growth' bonus package for social kickstart. New PEW report indicates 2/3rds of Americans on social media.

The current release of 'Social Kickstart', explained at, is making waves amongst emarketing professionals and review specialists due to its claim of being a complete social management suite that can increase organic traffic and fan loyalty. The commencement of Social Kickstart happens as a new report surfaces on the increasing usage of social media amongst Americans.

Hanif Quentino, creator of e-MarketingChamps, has created a full guide and unique bonus for Social Kickstart, which can be seen on his review webpage:

Mr. Quentino is considered an authoritative Social Kickstart review expert, due to his comprehensive experience with Fanpage management and social traffic growth. Mr. Quentino suggests that internet marketers take advantage of the increasing usage of social media amongst Americans, as indicated by a recent report. Based on the report, 2 out of 3 or 2/3 of Americans are using social media according to the latest Pew Survey. When looking at the younger generation, millennials, it's 9 out of 10 or 90 percent of them that use social media. While the older generations are what brings down the percentage, they too are using social media more and more.

It is likely for those numbers to keep growing, too, as more and more social media platforms continue to be developed, and as mentioned, more and more people start using social media. As the decades progress, the younger generation is going to be the older generation, so at this rate, the number would be higher than 90 percent over time. It is assumed that Facebook will develop its own search engine and become the major dominant source for reaching consumers of all ages.

Of course, that is saying that social media would even still be popular decades from now. It could be something totally different by then, and it likely will be. Still, if looking at Internet marketing or how to connect with people personally on the Internet, social media is the way to go, and it doesn't look like that is going to change anytime soon.

MySpace was the first big social media platform to be launched. Facebook was mainly utilized by college students, as MySpace was the choice of celebrities and more famous personalities. Then, in rapid ascent, social media had changed to where Facebook was viewed became the norm and popular platform. Twitter was soon launched afterwards, and it has been one of the top social media platforms as well. The key drivers to Facebook and Twitter's growth were the ease of use and the extensive features they offered.

Several new networks have been launched over the past few years in an attempt to gain users and compete with Facebook. There is Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and many others. However, as shown by the Pew Report, nothing has been able to unseat Facebook or Twitter, but as the social media world evolves and existing networks make improvements, the landscape is likely to get more competitive.

Hanif Quentino's full Social Kickstart review, as well as his unique Social Kickstart bonuses, can be seen on the following webpage:

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