Current Release of Infinity Code Makes Waves, As Premium Guide & Walk-Thru Released by IM Expert HanifQ

New Infinity Code launch causes worldwide discussion in the digital marketing review underground, as unique bonus package introduced by eMarketing Champs. Pinterest's Lens App Turns Your Phone's Camera Into Search Bar.

The global launch of the Infinity Code creates excitement among IM review professionals by promising to help marketers create successful eCommerce stores by following their secret strategy.

Hanif Quentino, founder of eMarketing Champs, has released a complete review and premium bonus for the Infinity Code training program, which can be viewed on this site:

Mr. Quentino is considered an authoritative Infinity Code review expert, due to his comprehensive experience with eCommerce. Mr. Quentino suggests that InfinityCode users pay attention to Pinterest's growing marketing platform.

Pinterest is adding even more features that make it one of the most innovative networks. Recently, they added a feature that uses a person's phone camera and allows it to operate as a search bar. Thus, users can use their mobile phone's camera to recognize actual objects and pull up all kinds of related items that appear on Pinterest. While this lens feature is still in the testing stages, it will be widely available to both iOS and Android devices in the United States very soon. This particular feature is said to be able to recognize more than 1 billion objects, right now it is most effective for finding different sorts of home decorating ideas and of things that people can wear or food that people can eat. Therefore, the outreach and usage of this feature is only expected to grow and gain as the functionality becomes more accurate and better in it's later stages.

Because of this new feature, users will now be able to visually search for different objects. It ultimately turns items that appear in pins into products that people can buy. All of the relevant search results will be able to be recognized with a blue circle that people can actually tap to be able to bring up a list of related products available to purchase. This not only increases the level of search functionality within Pinterest, but it also shows that they are looking to really compete with a similar feature that Instagram recently implemented as early as late last year. Overall, this new search setting is going to make it much more intuitive to be able to search for things on Pinterest. By making search more intuitive and easier for users, Pinterest is expecting a lot more users, searches, and interest in it's network.

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