Current 'Leads Tunnel' App Achieves Global Reach, As Exclusive Bonus Released by IM Expert HQuentino

Current 'Leads Tunnel' App Achieves Global Reach In IM Review World, As Exclusive Bonus Package Released by IM Expert HQuentino. Facebook Rolls Out Instant Articles For All Publishers.

The current Leads Tunnel App launch has achieved global reach in the IM review world because its promise of being a list building tool that doesn't require the presence of a landing page to build an email list.

IM Consultant HanifQ has prepared a comprehensive review and bonus offer for the LeadsTunnel app, which can be accessed on his review site:

Due to HanifQ's vast experience with internet marketing disciplines, he is considered a credible Leads Tunnel review critic offering insights on list building and email marketing. Hanif recommends that LeadsTunnel users diversify their list building by taking advantage of Facebook's new Instant Articles feature, which is now available to all publishers.

Every content publisher who is using Facebook to reach their audience has been faced with the problem: when posting articles from their sites to Facebook, a lot of readers experienced slow loading time after leaving Facebook. Many would then simply bounce back to Facebook, abandoning the content and leaving it unread. For a lot of news outlets, this can be a issue.

Recognizing this problem, Facebook announced in May 2015 a new faster loading software called Instant Articles. They claimed that it can increase loading time 10 fold, permit ads and even be compatible with various analytics tools. Although initially it was only available to very large publishers such as National Geographic, the Guardian and BBC, it is now available to all content creators depending on their needs.

This is particularly useful for people browsing Facebook via their mobile applications. The article's entire text will open up while still within Facebook, without the need to browse away from the Facebook app.

The software doesn't just allow for faster loading speeds. It also has a very aesthetically pleasing appearance that is meant to emulate a publisher's website in both look and feel, but formatting it in a more minimalist way to fit a user's mobile application or device. The idea is to improve a reader's browsing experience without actually having to leave the Facebook area.

Those dependent on ad revenue need not worry about possible lost advertisement revenue, as Facebook permits ads to appear inside Instant Articles as well.

The reason behind the rollout of this new software is not just faster loading time. While the content publisher still has of course the chance of keeping 100% of the advertisement revenue, it also gives Facebook the possibility to retain more viewers within their own app.

To some this may seem that Facebook is trying to become more powerful by making everyone more dependent on them, but this remains to be seen. Only publishers will be able to tell over time if Instant Articles is worth the investment.

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Loading time has indeed dropped considerably, in some cases really ten times faster. This has made people more willing to engage with Instant Articles. It is therefore very likely that more and more publishers will be willing to use Instant Articles in order to increase their visibility in a user's newsfeed.

The complete Leads Tunnel review & bonus offer published by Hanif Quentino can be viewed on this page:

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