Current 'Ever Webinar' Launch Achieves Global Reach, As Premium Bonus Released by IM Expert

Current 'Ever Webinar' Launch Achieves Global Reach in IM Review World, As Premium Bonus Released by IM Expert. Recent Report Shows New Technology Leads to Higher CPMs in Video Ads.

The current 'Ever Webinar' launch has achieved global reach in the IM review world because it promises to be a complete business automation software for creating recurring income through the use of 'evergreen' webinars.

Hanif Quentino, a veteran internet marketing consultant, has published an in-depth guide and exclusive bonus offer for EverWebinar, which can be viewed on his website:

Hanif regards himself as a credible EverWebinar review critic, primarily because of his experience in video marketing and conversion rate optimization. He recommends that Ever Webinar users take advantage of 'video advertising' to drive leads and registrations to their webinars, especially since new technology is leading to higher CPMs and engagement in video advertising.

This new technology, which is 'anti bots', is preventing fake views and spam from skewing the results of video advertising. The video ads that use the bot technology seem to be producing more results than the rest of the video ads. It is estimated that there is a difference of 22 percent between the two with the video ads that use the bot technology having a lead.

A recent study in which the run by the white ops videology and security firm, in which they made a run with close to 300,000 ad impressions that used the bot technology compared to 300,00 more video ads with the bot turned off. The results were outstanding since in the each time there was the conduct of an impression, the anti-bot tech searched the requested browser to look into the fact of whether it was a bot that was doing the same. In the case that this is true then the anti-bot technology would automatically bloc the entry of the browser sometimes even leaving an empty space.

The white ops company which is the most famous internet security in the globe i9s establishing a program which will be able to allow access to the bots, this will be of much help to those who user the bot-tech video ads. This will also increase internet security since it will be created in a way in which it asks for a certain authorization signature that helps to detect whether a visitor is human or not. With this then there are reduced chances of cyber crimes and video ads will be safer.

A problem with the video ads that use the bot-tech is the presence of false impressions. This is a major cause of losses especially for those who use the bot-tech. They do this by browsing various sites and logging into websites that may result in the browser loading the content of the video ad even though there is no human being present to conduct the action. Note that this results to lots of fraud cases and cyber crimes.

Hanif recommends that EverWebinar users use Video Advertising as their primary means of getting more registrations to their evergreen webinars.

Hanif Quentino's in-depth Ever Webinar review, along with his premium EverWebinar bonus, can be found on the following website:

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