Current 'EasyVSL 2.0' Launch Achieves Global Reach, As Unique Bonus Released by Mr. Hanif Quentino

Current 'EasyVSL 2.0' Launch Achieves Global Reach In IM Review World, As Unique Bonus Package Is Released by Mr. Hanif Quentino. New Report Shows Rise in Online Advertising Revenue.

The current EasyVSL 2.0 launch, explained at has achieved global reach in the IM review world because it promises to simplify the creation of high-converting video salesletters, which have been a technical challenge for begginers to create.

The creator of e-MarketingChamps, Hanif Quentino, has released a full guide and unique bonus for the Easy VSL 2 system, which can be seen on his review webpage:

Hanif considers himself as a legitimate EasyVSL 2.0 review critic, mainly because of his extensive experience with video marketing and selling multiple products via video. He advises that Easy VSL members take advantage of the growth in online advertising, as shown in a recent report, to build their businesses before the cost of advertising rises.

The numbers are in and ad revenue has bolted upwards with regards to the money coming in. US ad revenue has come in at a 19% raise compared to what was seen in the previous quarter. This is substantial and demonstrates the amount of money being pumped in on a regular basis throughout the nation. This is a record setting amount according to those who have been keeping an eye out on these figures for a substantial amount of time. It is truly out of this world compared to what has been seen in the past.

The number is a tremendous $14.3 billion that is going to change the game with regards to value being provided. Those who want good results are going to enjoy these numbers.

The money being put in has to do with the results that have been seen through these marketing options. This is one of the reasons why the revenues are getting higher and higher as time goes on. The results come in and brands want to pump in more money, which leads to more revenue.

While, these numbers took a look at social, mobile, and video ads all in one, the numbers had a lot more to say. Mobile ads are bringing in a lot of revenues and that has a lot to do with the number of people who are looking at them. There are more people who are having these ads put in front of them and that alone is raising the number that is being seen across the board. This is substantial for those who want to target a specific platform and keep pushing forward.

There are many ads that are being used on the mobile setup and that is the reason for the numbers going higher and higher. With the range of options that are on offer, people have a lot more to work with and that is the reason they are going down this path in the first place. Many advertisers are pleased with the ROI they are getting and it is a prime factor in the growth of online advertising revenues across the many platforms.

Hanif Quentino's full EasyVSL 2 review, as well as his unique Easy VSL 2.0 bonuses, can be seen on the following webpage:

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